Jeepers Meeting: Europe's largest Jeep meeting

From June 27 to 30, at the Offroad Arena in Maggiora (NO), the 17th edition of the Jeepers Meeting took place. The Jeep were the only link between the protagonists who gave life to this legendary event that was born from a vision of Bruno Tinelli that has made his dream a reality for all European Jeepers.

Photography and story by Paolo Baraldi

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

Since that fateful 2003, when Bruno Tinelli thought and gave birth to the Jeepers Meeting, many years have passed.


"In those years, definitively abandoning the racing sector and joining the Jeepers Club Milano" Bruno tells me, "the moment had arrived for me to realize my dream: organize a Jeep mono-brand eventy as I had always imagined."

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli
Bruno Tinelli

In these 17 years the Jeepers Meeting has grown, has adapted to the times and has become the Jeep monobrand rally with the European record of registered vehicles. Not for this, however, he lost sight of the passion and spirit of the early years. "The spirit and the passion that has been created around the Jeepers Meeting from the beginning and that is repeated every time, galvanizes us and gives us the strength to work on the following edition." Just as Bruno remembers, passion is the reason of the success of the Jeepers Meeting and the reason why all over Europe Jeep fans gather every year in Maggiora.

jeepers meeting 2019

Jeepers Meeting Woodstock edition: 4 days of love for Jeep

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and the theme of the 2019 edition of the Jeepers Meeting could only be dedicated to the Music and Art Fair that took place from 15 to 18 August 1969 in the small rural town of Bethel in state of New York.


From June 27 to 30 the Offroad Arena in Maggiora was the Italian Woodstock of the Jeepers who, to paraphrase the motto of the famous hippie festival, celebrated their common passion under the slogan "4 days of love for Jeep".

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

The concerts accompanied the whole event starting when the Jeeps were still in action and finishing late at night. The celebrations lasted from Thursday to Sunday, almost without interruption, in a unique mix of twist, dust, music, dances and lots of fun.

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

691 Jeeps registered at the Jeepers Meeting ... but it doesn't matter because the people were the protagonists

The Jeepers Meeting is the largest Jeep event in Europe. Although the theme is Jeep, the Jeepers with their stories, their passions, their experiences and their emotions are the real protagonists of this gathering.

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

More than 7000 presences at the Jeepers Meeting 2019

JM People is a large family composed of people, sometimes different from each other, who find in the Jeep spirit a common denominator that breaks down every difference and barrier. All this is possible only in the name of a common passion. A passion so strong and so great that it is able to give birth to an indissoluble bond among the Jeepers which, allow me the comparison, is as strong as that of blood.

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

The Jeeps thus become the trait d'union between different people, between the "old" and "new" generations, between fathers and children, between mothers and daughters and all in the name of a brand that has become a legend and lifestyle.

"Stay with us and you are one of us!" Bruno Tinelli

One of the most beautiful aspects of this edition of the JM is the generational change. Not just fathers and mothers who pass on their passion to their children, but also new generations who, without having inherited the "virus", approached Jeep, perhaps for fashion, and only later discovered that being a Jeepers is beautiful and it makes you feel good.

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

So… if you are a Jeep fan, no matter where you live, next year you have to come to Italy at the Jeepers Meeting to experience your passion with many friends.


Info at www.jeepersmeeting.org

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli

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