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History is written! Breslau Poland 2021 has archived another great success
English articles · 16. July 2021
I have been collaborating with RBI Sport, organizer of Breslau Poland, as a photographer for more than 10 years. For me, every year it is always a great thrill to be able to tell this legendary event with my photographs. This year was a special edition! This 26th edition of Breslau Poland was no less than the previous ones. In addition to being the oldest race in Europe, this year with its 404 registered and 397 teams competing, it was the biggest international off-road event this year.
Rallye Breslau Poland 2021: the Mega Edition
English articles · 09. June 2021
Rallye Breslau, the oldest off-road rally in Europe is simultaneously the biggest international off-road event this year. With more than 25 years of history Rallye Breslau will accommodate an unprecedented number of competitors. 406 rally teams from 25 nationalities officially entered Rallye Breslau until the closing day of the registrations.

Rallye Breslau: the legend lives on
English articles · 09. June 2021
Since 1995, the year of the first München-Breslau, the Rallye Breslau has written the history of the European off-road sport. This legendary race, born with few rules and a lot of passion for impossible challenges, has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its origins and losing the spirit that made it a legend.
The hardest trial in Europe! Europa Truck Trial goes into the 32 season!
English articles · 19. April 2021
“Since 1989, Europe Truck Trial offers exciting competitions with serial Trucks and prototypes across Europe. This year we visit many successful current venues and this time also some classics from the past years. It again passes through five different countries in Europe. Truck Trial to impress not only the action also connect people and friends and fans. We wish you all a good timely planning of the season 2021. See you at the Truck Trial!”

Iron Land: all the Equipe 4x4’s style represented in a Defender
English articles · 19. April 2021
Iron Land is a Defender built by Equipe 4x4 and everything is part of the classic activity of a company involved in the off-road sector. But, if this work brings together all the know-how of a brand in a single vehicle, representing a philosophy, this Defender acquires a completely different value. Equipe 4x4 is dedicated to all those who want to be truly unique: “Off-road is a lifestyle and we make it exclusive”.
Porsche 911 4x4 Rally Raid: Dakarian nostalgia at the Fenix Rally
English articles · 13. April 2021
Let's discover the secrets of the Porsche 911 Rally raid 4x4, which evokes the legendary Paris-Dakar of the times of René Metge or Jacky Ickx, drived by the Italian Agostino Rizzardi who finished second in the Fenix Rally.

Fenix Rally 2021: great success for Alexander Kovatchev's new African adventure
English articles · 13. April 2021
The first edition of the Fenix Rally took place in Tunisia from 13 to 20 March. This latest creation by Alexander Kovatchev gave to all the participants a breath of a long-awaited air of normality in this terrible period. The desert rally veteran Jerome Pelichet showed what it means to have long years of experience in cross country competitions. The Frenchman took 6 from 6 stage wins, and won the race with unbelievable advance of 1 hour and 47 minutes to his nearest competitor.
Amber Turner competing at King of the Hammers EMC with a small Suzuki Samurai
English articles · 16. February 2021
Johnson Valley is that unique place where alongside the powerful 800 horsepower Ultra4 vehicles we find small teams with big dreams competing. This is the case of Amber Turner who participated in the Every Man Challenge with a small Suzuki Samurai inspired by the exploits of Jessi Combs.

Randy Slawson Wins The World’s Hardest One Day Off-Road Race & Takes Home His Third Crown
English articles · 07. February 2021
King of the Hammers has a reputation as the most difficult one day off-road race in the world, pushing team and machine to their breaking point, and beyond. Attrition in 2021 was as high as ever, with only 37 of 84 competitors reaching the finish line within the 14-hour time limit. Randy Slawson wins the King of the Hammers, fast qualifier JP Gomez and his brother Raul Gomez rounded out the podium in their single-seat in second and third position.
The Young Gun Chayse Caprara Takes the Victory at 4WP Every Man Challenge
English articles · 06. February 2021
4WP Every Man Challenge, the punishing 121-mile course consisted of whooped out roads and high-speed lakebeds on the first lap, and some of the hardest rock crawling canyons in the world on the second lap, with only 37 out of the 115 vehicles that took the green flag crossing the finish line within the eleven-hour time limit. Chayse Caprara Takes the Victory at 4WP Every Man Challenge.

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