Camp Jeep in San Martino di Castrozza

The Dolomites, with their majestic beauty, were the setting for the sixth edition of the Camp Jeep, the annual Jeep Owners' Group meeting, which saw San Martino di Castrozza as its location. During the three days of the event, the Jeepers honored and lived the spirit of freedom, passion and adventure identifying the Jeep brand.

Photography and story by Paolo Baraldi

Each year the Jeepers from all over Europe gather to celebrate their passion for the iconic 4x4s with seven loopholes at the Camp Jeep. The Jeep Owners' Group is the organizer and for the 2019 edition has chosen Italy with its awesome Dolomites that dominate San Martino di Castrozza ... the heart of the event.

The Jeep spirit came to life in San Martino di Castrozza

The spirit of the iconic Jeep brand was born from 12 to 14 July in an exciting "three days" where the participants of the 2019 Camp Jeep (over 1700 fans from all over Europe and 700 registered vehicles) were able to have fun along over 40 km of off-road routes immersed in a breathtaking landscape and experiencing many activities such as shows, barbecues, outdoor sports, activities for children, aperitifs on the Ferris wheel, live music and the closing parade on Sunday.

camp jeep san martino di castrozza

To honor the area, hit in October 2018 by the Vaia storm, the 2019 Camp Jeep was the edition that saw local eco-sustainability as its protagonist. All the wood used to set up and construct the obstacles of the off-road and the scenography came from the “schianti” (trees felled during thunderstorms) of the neighboring woods of the event area. 

The Gladiator was the protagonist along with some icons of Jeep history

After 27 years, the participants in the Camp Jeep were able to see the new Gladiator up close, for the first time in Europe; the pick-up that marks the return of Jeep in this segment.

jeep gladiator camp jeep

The new Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar is was also in the spotlight, celebrating the history of the brand by recalling the date of the first Willys.


In the Heritage area, thanks to the seven historical models on display, fans were able to retrace some phases of a long and glorious history.

- 1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief "Levis", a special version of the Cherokee born from the memorable collaboration with Levi Strauss that took place between 1975 and 1978.

- Jeep CJ5 "Renegade I" from 1970, a special arrangement of the CJ5 and CJ7 models available until 1986, which saw the very first appearance of the name "Renegade" in Jeep history

- Jeep CJ7 "Golden Eagle" from 1978, an exclusive variant of the CJ7 launched in the same year as the original Renegade

- Jeep J300 "Gladiator Thriftside" of 1963 and the Jeep J3000 "Gladiator Thriftside" of 1967, which mark the debut of the Gladiator name, both boast the application of the traditional bodywork on a pick-up frame inspired by the Jeep Wagoneer station wagon 4x4 and automatic transmission, equipped for the first time on a four-wheel drive pick-up

- 1967 Jeep Super Wagoneer, the first all-wheel drive vehicle with automatic transmission, a precursor of modern luxury SUVs

- and the 1973 Jeep CJ5 "Super Jeep", a special version of the CJ-5 produced in limited edition and much sought after by collectors.

All this was the Camp Jeep that for three days made those present experience their dream of Stars and Stripes because having a Jeep vehicle goes beyond having a 4x4 but represents a real lifestyle.

camp jeep san martino di castrozza

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