Jeep JK Trilogy

To the most enthusiasts of the Jeep world, the names Mudslinger, Black Widow and Road Warrior are certainly not unknown. They identify three unique vehicles  which in their differences and uniqueness well represent the high level reached in the customization of the Wrangler Jk. In this article I will analyze in detail these three more unique than rare Jeeps.

Photography and story by Paolo Baraldi

jeep wrangler trilogy

Although we are in the era of the Wrangler JL and the Gladiator, the JK Jeeps are still very popular and appreciated among fans of the iconic Stars and Stripes brand. In this article, thanks to Bondesan's help, I wanted to pay tribute to the Wrangler JK, which has given us a lot of satisfaction, by presenting you these three unique JK that, I'm sure, will tickle your imagination. Luna Bondesan accompanied me on this special journey that brought me to touch and experience the Mudslinger Concept V8, the JKL Black Widow 108 and the Road Warrior Teraflex.

Jeep Hemi Mudslinger Concept V8

In April 2009, Mopar Underground, Chrysler's official tuner, presented the Jeep Lower Forty, LF40 internal code, to the Easter Jeep Safari. This vehicle was made on the basis of a Jeep Wrangler JK model year 2010 with important works on the wheel fenders to fix the big tires mounted on the 20-inch wheels of a Dodge RAM 1500.

jeep wrangler jk mudslinger

The design intention was to avoid big lift kits and demonstrate off-road efficiency without lift the vehicle. The hard-top is eliminated and a sturdy roll-bar with supporting structure has been created to stiffen the structure. Thanks to the new weights, the center of gravity is lower and the fuel tank has been repositioned by Genright OffRoad. The transmission and new gearbox are from GetragThe engine is a 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Mudslinger concept has an unexpected success on the off road trails in Moab.

jeep wrangler jk mudslinger

The resemblance to a Hot Wheels toy is too strong to not confirm its charm at the Daytona Jeep Beach and at the 2009 SEMA show. After tests and checks on the most extreme trails, Starts an evolution to improve the concept and the group of engineers led by Pietro Gorlier refines the evolution of the vehicle. From a 5.7-liter engine to a more powerful HEMI 426 supercharged with Dodge Viper-derived electronic components. Long arm suspension, lift customized by Teraflex, modified ARB diff-lockers and new 40 inch BF Goodrich Mud tires. Engine cooling is guaranteed thanks to a revised aluminum radiator and improved by a new hood thanks to the magicians of AEV. Metallic red paint and carbon internal components define the new profile of this Jeep. A touch of class is added thanks to the leather seats taken from a Grand Cherokee SRT 8 and with the steering and steering wheel taken from a Dodge Viper. The new and unique Mudslinger Concept V8 is again a great success at the 2011 SEMA in Las Vegas.

jeep wrangler jk mudslinger



Length: 362 cm

Width 200 cm

Height: 172 cm

Wheelbase: 95.4 "

Engine: 6.0L V8 + Mopar SCH

From Zero to 60MPH (96 km / h): 4.2 seconds

Power: 650 hp at 6500 rpm

Automatic gearbox

Tank: 70 liters

Bodywork: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Axles: Rigid Axles Dana 44 plus front, Dana 44 Pro-Rock rear ARB 5:38 lockers

Brakes: 8 piston Willwood

Wheels: Dodge 20” in aluminum

Tires: BF Goodrich Mud Terrain 40x13.5 R20

Bikini: Bestop handmade summer / winter

Jeep JKL Black Widow 108

This Jeep JKL Black Widow was created by the American JKL Wrangler, division of Jeep Works, for Bill Smith CEO of Magnaflow who used it as a showcar and then went on to become the owner of Poison Spyder who made further changes. JKL Wrangler is specialized in carrying out step lengthening working both on the chassis and consequently on the bodywork, on the 2-door Jeep JK.

jeep wrangler black widow

Normally their standard is to obtain a wheelbase of 106", excellent both for rock crawling and for sporty road driving. The Black Widow, whose starting point is a 2-door Jeep Wrangler Jk Sahara from 2010, is a unique and very interesting vehicle due to the fact that, contrary to the company's modus operandi, it was brought to a wheelbase of 108". 10" more obtained by working on the chassis and bodywork to which an additional 3" was added by moving the rear axle back. This JKL won the Special Custom Award at the SEMA in 2013 and in the same year at the Moab Contest of the Easter Jeep Safari won the best preparation in the Spanish Area.

jeep wrangler black widow



Engine: New Mopar 5.7 liter Hemi 495 HP

Exhaust: Magna Flow Pro Series

Transmission: 6-speed automatic MB 545RFEx6

Front axle: Currie Dana 44 with DynaTrax Housing

Rear axle: Nitro Axle's special housing

Lockers: ARB with compressor in the hood

Rims: Method Racing with beadlocks

Tires: Mickey Thompson BAJA MTZ 37X12.50 R17

Bodywork: Poison Spyder Fenders and Body Armor

Bumpers: Poison Spyder

Suspensions: King Shocks with Coil Overs only front

Lift Kit: 3.5" Rock Krawler Long Arm

Anti Rock Sway Bars front and rear

Steering: PCS hydraulically assisted

Internal Roll Cage: Poison by Larry McRae

Seats: Mastercraft Race Seats

Winch: Warn 9.5XT

Lights: KC Bright Sun lights plus 50" Led light bar

Bonnet: Poison Spyder

jeep wrangler black widow

Jeep Road Warrior Teraflex

Teraflex is located in West Jordan, a town located in the Salt Lake county in the state of Utah. Teraflex is a well-known company specializing mainly in suspension systems. As is customary overseas, companies in the sector create many showcars to present their products during shows and exhibitions.

jeep wrangler road worrior

The Road Worrior was built in 2010 from a JK Unlimited Wrangler. The massive "truck" aspect of this JKU that was created using the Action Truck conversion kit designed and developed by Thaler Design stands out immediately. It is a complete and easy to install kit. In combination, Teraflex has created a hand made roll cage and has installed some of its flagship products such as the 6” suspension kit with long arm. The 6.4 liter Hemi engine contributes to making the driving experience of this beautiful Road Worrior unique and enjoyable.

jeep wrangler road worrior



Engine: 6.4 liter Hemi by Dakota Customs BOR

Exhaust: Borla modified

Transmission: AW580

Front axle: Tera60extra prototype with ARB 488

Rear axle: Tera60extra prototype with ARB 488

Suspensions: 6” LongArm System

Trail Swaybars front and rear

Shock absorbers: Fox

Steering: PSC Ram Assist

Bodywork: ActionTruck Conversion kit with custom roll cage

Bonnet: Unique Dodge Shaker Hood

Front bumper: HD Epic - HD Outback Rear Bumper

Rear bumper: HD Hinged Carrier with wheel gate

Rims: Raceline

Tires: 38" Goodyear

Winch: Warn Xeon

Lights: JW Speaker Headlights and JW Speaker Driving and Back

Additional lights: Rigid Industries Light bar, Pillar lights and Rock lights

jeep wrangler road worrior