Discovering Sardinia with Herero 4x4

Sardinia Winter Tour 2021, a journey organized by Herero 4x4 that led its customers to discover this magical region, which this year has amazed the participants by wrapping them in a white winter mantle that has given dreamy lights and atmospheres.

Story by Paolo Baraldi, Photography by Matteo Marinelli

herero 4x4 sardegna winter tour 2021

Adventure is in the DNA of the Defender, of the Defenderists and could only be in the DNA of Herero 4x4. It is a logical consequence that an off-road trip is the natural completion of Herero 4x4's mission to stay by the side of its customers even after the sale and preparation of their Defender.


Travel is an escape from everyday life, travel is a unique experience to be shared with people who share the same passion and travel is an incredible source of emotions that will forever remain indelible in the memory of those who participated.

herero 4x4 sardegna winter tour 2021

For Herero 4x4, a journey with its customers is also the closing of the circle of the institutional activity that passes through the design, testing, production, marketing and installation of its products.


If the toughest competition fields are ideal for testing, a trip is perfect to admire the products at work but also to be aware that preparation goes beyond the technical aspect and becomes a means of sharing experiences and emotions.

herero 4x4 sardegna winter tour 2021

Sardinia Winter Tour 2021 by Herero 4x4

The awesome Sardinia could only be the destination of this journey whose itinerary led the participants to the discovery of this magical land.


From Olbia, the Herero 4x4 convoy descended towards Orgosolo through hilly inland routes. A first taste of Sardinia, its dirt roads and its breathtaking landscapes.


The Supramonte has dominated this journey with its vast limestone-dolomitic mountainous complex, dropping everyone into its wild atmosphere with breathtaking routes where even the most demanding variants were able to be appreciated.

herero 4x4 sardegna winter tour 2021

Arriving at about 1,300 a.s.l., the highest point of the trip, the mixing of colors, from the green of the Mediterranean scrub to the orange and ocher of the rocky walls to end with the blue of the sky, was the icing on the cake of a fantastic climb.


Mother nature can be tough or benevolent and in this journey she wanted to give a unique glimpse of Sardinia thanks to the snow, encountered towards the ascent of the Supramonte, which gave surreal scenarios leaving everyone amazed and enthusiastic for this special surprise.

herero 4x4 sardegna winter tour 2021

The convoy then continued southwards, towards Santa Maria Navarrese, for the last part of the journey where the sea, the splendid Sardinian sea, could not be missing!

Sardinia Winter Tour a success to be replicated!

This adventure in Sardinia was a journey into the journey that will become a tradition for Herero 4x4 for the future months of December and the Herero 4x4 Tours will be the protagonists of 2022 with new destinations and new italian regions to discover that will give participants as many emotions and as many dream atmospheres.

herero 4x4 sardegna winter tour 2021


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