Rev up your engines and buckle up for the next great adventure! Save the dates for Fenix Rally, Rallye Breslau and Balkan Offroad Rallye 2024

2024 will be an extraordinary year for RBI Sport with 3 events scheduled that will leave you fascinated. It starts with the Fenix Rally in April, moves on to the 30th Rallye Breslau and ends the season with the fascinating Balkan Offroad Rallye.

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RBI Sport, after having archived a wonderful 2023 season (Fenix Rally 2023 - Rallye Breslau 2023 - Balkan Offroad Rallye 2023), is already working on an even more radiant 2024 full of lots of adventure and adrenaline.


The first event scheduled is the Fanix Rally which will take place in Tunisia in April with a very interesting race programme.


The second event of the 2024 season is the Rallye Breslau which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024. Event not to be missed!


“2024 will be something completely extraordinary. We're doing rallies since so many years but 2024 is marked actually by the biggest event in our calendar which is the Rallye Breslau. Next year Rallye Breslau turns 30 so a rally that can survive for 30 years means that it's really something what people love and it really carries the name of a legendary event with a lot of pride. So at the end of June, 30 years Rally Breslau, I have spoken to hundreds of people, probably even already a thousand people who would like to be there just because of this anniversary edition.  Everyone who loves the Breslau, everyone who has ever been participating and wants to try it one more time, even take the dust off your car from the garage and come over, it will be something special, it will be a longer race, we put one more day, there will be three bivouacs and you will have the best on the plate what the rally has ever offered in all its history.” - Alexander Kovatchev


And as usual, RBI Sport's last race of 2024 will be the Balkan Offroad Rally which will transport everyone to wonderful Romania.

Fenix Rally - 09.04/17.04.2024 - Tunisia

Are you ready for Fenix Rally 2024 in Tunisia? 

New season, new adventure, new set up!  Prologue and 7 fabulous days to race, starting from Djerba through the sands of Sahara and culminating in the picturesque beaches of Djerba. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey through new, awe-inspiring routes, an exciting prologue, and a dedicated rest day with bivouac relocation.  This will ensure more time for the competitors to catch their breath from the competition and to enjoy the time in socializing.  Marathon stage. 4-star hotels plus 2 days in bivouac „Breslau“ type plus “1001 night” experience in the heart of the desert and much more.


Fenix Rally is a true desert paradise for every motorsport enthusiast. Open the doorway to the Sahara and join us for an adventure of a lifetime!This fairy tale is like a paradise on earth. Open the doorway to Sahara!

fenix rally 2024

Who is the rally for?

Fenix Rally is suitable for any team wanting to compete in one of the following Classes: motorbike/Enduro, ATV/quads, side-by-sides, cars or trucks in the challenging terrains Sahara has to offer.


Teams that want to live the full rally experience and navigate through the rally's route, without the pressure of time can enter the Discovery Category. Participants are provided with a GPS, while they can simultaneously exercise and advance their navigating skills practicing using the road book.


Our events are meticulously designed for rally enthusiasts – either for professionals eager to race in FIA/FIM World Championships, or for racers/athletes aiming to train themselves and their vehicles for the Dakar.


Intelligent rally route and program!

Experience the full rally action in a compact, time-saving format.

The event includes a prologue and 7 rally days in the desert along with a dedicated rest day with bivouac relocation. This will ensure more time for the competitors to catch their breath from the competition and to enjoy the time in socializing.


The rally offers a balanced mixture of sand, dunes and gravel tracks. Combination of fast and technical parts with nature obstacles and road book navigation.


Safety is our TOP Priority!

Outstanding level of organization. TOP SAFETY CONCEPT with attention to every detail. Our event boasts the highest safety standards, including the presence of a European 4WD medical service, ensuring swift medical assistance when needed. The rally is equipped with a satellite tracking system, allowing continuous monitoring and response capabilities. In addition, a dedicated helicopter with medics is on standby in the air, ready to provide immediate aid. Along the route, strategically positioned medical points further enhance participant safety. Our team comprises experienced marshals, ensuring a well-coordinated and secure rally experience for all.


Unbeatable value at the right price.

The exclusive package of services included in the entry fee guarantees an amazing experience.  Everything is taken care of with one easy solution. Digital Roadbook and Nav GPS device with validation of way points, speed limits, neutralization. Rally Safety System approved by FIA including vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Digital Rally Control Platform - full view & command while running the event. Accommodation package. Meals in local & European style in hotels and catering in the bivouac.


Accommodation package.

Stay for 7 nights in a ncie 4-Star Hotel, spend 1 night in a tenteed camp, and enjoy 2 nights in an open air bivouac "Breslau" style. The main central camp is easy access for all kind of vehicles. Accommodation in line with the local life and local cuisine with tasty food. Feeling like a rally star in the desert paradise!


Super highlight!

One overnight stay in a facny 5-star tented camp during the marathon stage. Go „offline“ and get a real restart. Enjoy the Sahara desert's charm and vibe.  Socializing with good friends, tasty food and a cold drink.


Accessible adventure

Program that allows you easy to organize flights. Ferry booking throug RBI platform. Passport control on the ferry. Support in entering Tunisia.



30th Anniversary Edition of Rallye Breslau - 23.06/29.06.2024 - Poland

“It’s gonna be something extraordinary…”


The anniversary edition of Rallye Breslau promises to be an extraordinary milestone as we celebrate the 30th jubilee edition of the event. It will continue the tradition of ultimate off-road adventure, where friends are born and limits are shattered.


Experience the 30th edition of Rallye Breslau, a motorsport extravaganza like never before!


NEW: This unforgettable event will feature a prologue, six (not five) exhilarating race days, a captivating night stage, two challenging marathon stages, three bivouacs and even longer and more daring stages to test the mettle of every participant. But that's not all. To make this milestone even more special, we have a lot of new additions planned for next year's rally.


But that’s not all. To make this milestone even more special, we have a lot of new additions planned for next year’s rally.

rallye breslau 2024

5 Vehicle Classes and 3 Categories at Rallye Breslau


At Breslau are in race Bikes, Atv, Ssv, Cars, Trucks in 3 different categories:


- Cross Country: Speed – Navigation – Endurance

Classic rallying in combination with off-road – or the combination of the right car, the right driving and navigating skills! Only the roadbook will show you the right way through unknown terrain under the pressure of time. It´s the job of the navigator, to find the correct route. The car has to be specially prepared and it´s the job of the driver, to know the limits of his car – and to drive as best as possible within the limits to win. Driver, navigator and the technical basics must cooperate in a harmonious way – while the clock is running.


- Extreme: Trophy – Winching – Mud – Water – Dust

Hardcore offroad and right tactics. There are also fast passages. There is also a road book. But in the Extreme, the focus is mostly pointed on the perfect slowness in combination with the tactical skills of the occupants. A right decision is much more worth than speed. The navigator not only has to point out the right way, he also to assist the driver with the strength of his muscles. Not only the technical condition of the vehicle is important. Driver and codriver have to think carefully, have to experience, to trick the physics – and sometimes they simply have to be brutal.


 - Discovery: Adventure – Rally Feeling – Friends – Spirit

Rally adventure to try and find out. No matter whether Cross Country or Extreme: The participants in the Discovery Category are able to breathe real “motorsport air”, but inside the action instead just beeing a spectator. The technology could be (nearly) standard), the knowledge of driver and codrive could be on a level of a novice. Everything can, nothing has to, without large investments in the technology. You can test your own limits without running under pressure. Carry on when it’s fun or stop when you prefer to be part of the camp atmosphere. Enjoy with nearly all access.


The legend lives on, and the countdown to the next chapter begins now!



rallye breslau 2024

Balkan Offroad Rallye - 29.09/04.10.2024 - Romania

Welcome to the captivating world of the Balkan Offroad Rallye, where adventure knows no bounds!


Prologue plus 5 full rally days through uncharted terrains, pushing your limits in the fast-paced Cross Country class. Conquer the challenges of deep mud and water in our legendary Extreme class, and bask in the welcoming and friendly rally atmosphere of our Discovery category. Get ready to embrace the best of three exhilarating categories!


For the 12th edition of the rally we are currently working on creating new routes specially designed for the Truck Cross Country class. This will bring a whole new level of excitement and challenges to the rally, making it an unforgettable experience for all.


Are you fully prepared to witness the unwavering grit, determination, and sheer magic of this action-packed rally?



balkan offroad rallye 2024