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Offroad Lifestyle is about Offroad, Offroad Lifestyle and Offroad Culture


OFFROAD Lifestyle, founded in 2014 by Paolo Baraldi, is a leading magazine where we celebrate offroad as a lifestyle. You can read here all those topics that normally you can not found on other publications concerning offroad.


We creates quality and original photography and articles for offroad enthusiasts.


The human, cultural and offroad experiences are the main topic of OFFROAD Lifestyle but without disdaining technique, competitions, journeys, rallies, history and vintage always seen with our particular point of view. 


OFFROAD Lifestyle also hosts special and interesting stories that explore the various aspects of offroad life and cult reports produced by our prestigious correspondents. 


OFFROAD Lifestyle is presented and created with particular attention to the quality of images and contents. For this reason it is entirely made by professionals whose names are synonymous of quality and professionalism. 


OFFROAD Lifestyle is the reference magazine for those of OFFROAD MAKE A LIFESTYLE!

Offroad Lifestyle is the perfect partner for all those companies that have chosen the offroad as passion and lifestyle with the focus of professionalism. 


For these companies, Offroad Lifestyle does not only offer the classic advertising spaces with landing pages, but offers a whole series of additional services aimed at promoting their activities and products.


Today Offroad Lifestyle is recognized nationally and internationally both for the quality and uniqueness of its contents and for its competence in the offroad sector and Paolo Baraldi is its guarantor.


The web magazine has over 40000 monthly visits (a number that continues to grow) with accesses from Italy, United States, France, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Slovenia, India, Holland, Morocco, Denmark, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Philippines, Romania, China, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, South America and Malaysia. Its official Facebook page has over 14,000 real fans that comes to over 30,000 contacts with all related profiles. 


On Offroad Lifestyle the sterile banner/logo with link (even if present on every page of the web magazine) and the page with the company presentation are not the main opportunity of visibility for its partners. Offroad Lifestyle with articles, advertorials, product presentations, photo shoots (curated by Paolo Baraldi) and videos is at the side of its partners to offer visibility to their

marketing strategies and brand reputation. 


In the following chapters you can find all the opportunities and solutions to be a partner of Offroad Lifestyle. In any case, we are always ready to satisfy specific requests and needs.



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Motorsports, and especially offroad, is my world, my passion and my job.


Over the years I have gained huge experience in this field that has led me to travel the world and work with the most important off-road competitions. King of the Hammers (USA), Rebelle Rally (USA), Ultra4 Europe (EU), Breslau Series (D-PL-BG), Rainforest Challenge (MAL), Carta Rallye (MA), Grand Sud Orientation (MA) and Europa Truck Trial (EU) are just some of my collaborations as official photographer. My profession is not only for race organizers but also for teams, among my clients there are very important teams such as Gigglepin Racing (GB), Campbell Racing (USA) and Levi Shirley (USA), industry companies such as Euro4x4parts (F), Total Chaos Fabrication (USA) and Herero 4x4 (I) and major television productions such as the BBC. At the same time, my work is also focused on off-road magazines and especially the most important European ones. In addition, for off-the-shelf magazines I realize important and exclusive shooting for unique articles. 


Journalist. Member of the Italian Association of Journalists with n° 147033


Photographer since 1987. Member of AIRF - Photoreporters Italian Association with n° 761  Specialized in: Offroad.


Services: Motorsport Reportage and Shooting - Press Office - Brand Ambassador - Race and Event Promoter - Social Content Editor


Also specialized in: Landscape, Fashion, Portrait and Street photos