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Articoli italiano · 07. October 2020
Correre è vita! Per Ultra4 Europe è essenziale poter far correre i propri piloti e per questo motivo, appena la pandemia lo ha permesso, ha organizzato prima la BF Goodrich King of Britain ed ora la BF Goodrich Essenzial. La gara, una tra le più dure, si è svolta al Kirton Off Road Centre ed ha visto Kieran Dunlop vincere nella categoria Ultra4 mentre Allen Sharp ha dominato e vinto la Winch Rallye Raid.
English articles · 06. October 2020
Racing is life! For Ultra4 Europe it is essential to be able to let its drivers race and for this reason, as soon as the pandemic allowed it, it organized first the BF Goodrich King of Britain and now the BF Goodrich Essenzial. The race, one of the toughest, took place at the Kirton Off Road Center and saw Kieran Dunlop win the Ultra4 category while Allen Sharp dominated and won the Winch Rallye Raid.

English articles · 17. July 2020
Ultra4 Europe BF Goodrich King of Britain will be the first post lockdown race. Back to its original home for the second year in a row, King of Britain 2020 will be running a monster course around the terrain offered by Walters Arena. The race, without spectators for health reasons, will take place from 31 July to 2 August in Wales.
Articoli italiano · 05. June 2020
Tutti conoscono molto bene la King of the Hammers, chi sono i suoi “king” e di come è nata Ultra4 Racing. E che dire di Ultra4 Europe? I suoi “Re” ed i suoi campioni? In questo articolo cercherò di fare luce su tutto ciò che devi sapere su Ultra4 Europe.

English articles · 05. June 2020
Everyone knows everyting about King of the Hammers, its kings and how Ultra4 Racing was born. And what about Ultra4 Europe? Its kings and its champions? In this article I will try to tell you everything you need to know about Ultra4 Europe.
Articoli italiano · 01. June 2020
Oggi, la King of the Hammers ha raggiunto un'enorme notorietà tra gli appassionati di fuoristrada di tutto il mondo. Ma chi conosce veramente come è nata la KOH?

English articles · 01. June 2020
The friends off-road battle for a case of beer, it's as much of a festival and celebration of all-things off-road as it is a race, despite races taking place, has transformed into a weeklong annual bash that brings upward of 50,000 people from all over the globe to gather in the California desert. Today, the King of the Hammers has achieved a huge reputation among all offroad enthusiasts. But who really knows how KOH was born?
English articles · 22. May 2020
Independent Front Suspension (IFS) or solid axle? In Ultra4 races, vehicles with independent front suspension are increasingly used. In this article, thanks to 4Low Magazine, Rich Klein and Jeren Gunter, we will analyze which decisions and which aspects of the design are behind an IFS vehicle for the 4400 category of Ultra4 Raging.

Articoli italiano · 22. May 2020
Sospensioni IFS (Independent Front Suspension) o ponte rigido anteriore? Nelle gare di Ultra4 sono sempre più utilizzati i veicoli con le sospensioni indipendenti anteriori. In questo articolo, grazie a 4Low Magazine, Rich Klein e Jeren Gunter, andremo ad analizzare quali decisioni e quali aspetti della progettazione stanno dietro un veicolo IFS per la categoria 4400 di Ultra4 Raging.
English articles · 18. May 2020
Who said you have to spend a lot of money to race and have fun? The Gambler 500 HooptieX is a good example of this. You buy a dump car by spending no more than $ 500, fasten your seat belts, put on your helmet and ... have fun! Here's how it all happened at King of the Hammers.

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