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The hardest trial in Europe! Europa Truck Trial goes into the 32 season!
English articles · 19. April 2021
“Since 1989, Europe Truck Trial offers exciting competitions with serial Trucks and prototypes across Europe. This year we visit many successful current venues and this time also some classics from the past years. It again passes through five different countries in Europe. Truck Trial to impress not only the action also connect people and friends and fans. We wish you all a good timely planning of the season 2021. See you at the Truck Trial!”
Iron Land: all the Equipe 4x4’s style represented in a Defender
English articles · 19. April 2021
Iron Land is a Defender built by Equipe 4x4 and everything is part of the classic activity of a company involved in the off-road sector. But, if this work brings together all the know-how of a brand in a single vehicle, representing a philosophy, this Defender acquires a completely different value. Equipe 4x4 is dedicated to all those who want to be truly unique: “Off-road is a lifestyle and we make it exclusive”.

Porsche 911 4x4 Rally Raid: Dakarian nostalgia at the Fenix Rally
English articles · 13. April 2021
Let's discover the secrets of the Porsche 911 Rally raid 4x4, which evokes the legendary Paris-Dakar of the times of René Metge or Jacky Ickx, drived by the Italian Agostino Rizzardi who finished second in the Fenix Rally.
Porsche 911 4x4 Rally Raid: nostalgie dakariane al Fenix Rally
Articoli italiano · 29. March 2021
Scopriamo la storia ed i segreti tecnici della Porsche 911 rally raud 4x4, che rievoca le mitiche Parigi-Dakar dei tempi di René Metge o Jacky Ickx, dell’italiano Agostino Rizzardi che si è classificato secondo al Fenix Rally 2021.

English articles · 09. December 2020
Since 1989, Europe Truck Trial offers exciting competitions with serial Trucks and prototypes across Europe. If you like driving precision, if you want to see a vehicle grappling with unthinkable obstacles and if you think that a truck can't overcome gravity, then the Europa Truck Trial is the one for you! Here the 2021 Europa Truck Trial events calendar.
Articoli italiano · 09. December 2020
Dal 1989, l'Europa Truck Trial offre, in tutta Europa, gare emozionanti con i camion di serie e prototipi. L’organizzatore OVS ha presentato il calendario della stagione 2021.

Articoli italiano · 17. June 2020
L’Europa Truck Trial è il campionato europeo di fuoristrada più longevo. Dal 1989, anno della prima gara che si è svolta in Francia a Steinbourg, questi funamboli dei piccoli, grandi e enormi camion hanno attraversato l’Europa con i loro adrenalinici eventi. L’abilità di guida, la precisione delle traiettorie e la costante lotta contro la gravità sono sempre stati il leitmotiv che hanno firmato ogni edizione dell’Europa Truck Trial.
English articles · 17. June 2020
Europa Truck Trial is the longest-running European off-road championship. Since 1989, the year of the first race which took place in France in Steinbourg, these acrobats of small, large and huge trucks have crossed Europe with their adrenaline-pumping events. Driving skills, the precision of trajectories and the constant fight against gravity have always been the leitmotiv that have signed every edition of the Europa Truck Trial.

Articoli italiano · 05. June 2020
Tutti conoscono molto bene la King of the Hammers, chi sono i suoi “king” e di come è nata Ultra4 Racing. E che dire di Ultra4 Europe? I suoi “Re” ed i suoi campioni? In questo articolo cercherò di fare luce su tutto ciò che devi sapere su Ultra4 Europe.
English articles · 05. June 2020
Everyone knows everyting about King of the Hammers, its kings and how Ultra4 Racing was born. And what about Ultra4 Europe? Its kings and its champions? In this article I will try to tell you everything you need to know about Ultra4 Europe.

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