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English articles · 28. November 2018
Tribute, the rig of Franck Daurelle and Francoise Hollender made its debut in September of last year at the Balkan Offroad, winning it, and then in 2018 it was the protagonist of Breslau Poland and again of the Balkan Offroad fighting equally with the prototype of Jim Marsden.
Articoli italiano · 28. November 2018
Hommage, il 4x4 di Franck Daurelle e Francoise Hollender ha esordito a settembre dell'anno scorso alla Balkan Offroad, vincendola, e poi nel 2018 è stato protagonista della Breslau Poland e nuovamente della Balkan Offroad lottando ad armi pari con il prototipo di Jim Marsden.

Articoli italiano · 19. November 2018
Pochi piloti in Europa hanno vinto in un solo anno ben 6 titoli in gare internazionali. Jim Marsden della Gigglepin Racing detiene questo invidiato record per l’anno 2018. In questo articolo scopriremo tutti i segreti del suo prototipo Little Lady.
English articles · 19. November 2018
Only a few drivers in Europe have won 6 titles in international competitions in just one year. Jim Marsden of Gigglepin Racing holds this envied record for the year 2018. In this article we will discover all the secrets of his rig Little Lady.

English articles · 16. November 2018
Come on a weekend, race all the week, leave on a weekend! Following the principle "less is more", Rallye Breslau Poland 2019 will be a 5-day event! Come on a weekend, race all the week, leave on a weekend! All the good will stay in a highly concentrated concept.