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Balkan Offroad Rallye is not only a race, it is a huge event, unique in Europe, with two major competitions: the Balkan Cross Country and the Balkan Extreme and an equally appealing "experience" like the Balkan Discovery. Finally, for lovers of safari and historical cars, the Balkan Classic will also be held.

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Balkan Offroad Rallye is not just a competition: the road book tells the long history of a country through a magnificent landscape in constant evolution. The Bulgarian landscape is an incredible backdrop for the ride, with fantastic views, lush forests and a vast network of dirt roads.


The Balkan Offroad is a great and unique event with two separate races: the Balkan Cross Country and the Balkan Extreme and a great adventure: the Balkan Discovery. In addition, the Balkan Classic will be disputed for fans of safari and historical cars.

Bulgaria is perfect especially for the Balkan Cross Country thanks to a land that changes every day, which always offers a good opportunity for everyone. Mountains, stones, mud, sand, gravel, fast slopes and challenging sailing are the perfect ingredients for 8 unforgettable days. In Bulgaria, every type of offroad practiced in Europe is well represented. If you manage to complete the Balkan Offroad, you will certainly be able to take part in every other European competition! For some years now, the Balkan competition has also opened its doors to large trucks that have found themselves at ease on the fast Bulgarian slopes.

For the Balkan Extreme it is an uncompromising race. The paths are immersed in the mountains between rivers and ancient forests. This class continues the story of the adventurous Breslau style that has kept its legend alive for over 20 years.

The hotel option, available at the Balkan Offroad Rally, combines the competitive event with the feeling of being on holiday. The luxurious hotels offer intimacy and excellent service thanks to traditional Bulgarian hospitality and excellent local cuisine. In this way the rally will give you an unforgettable experience and maybe ... lived with your family.


The high professional level of the organization, the high standards put in place and the beauty and difficulty of the route have earned the Balkan Offroad Rally the nickname of "Dakar of Europe".



The first camp will be located in Borovets - known ski resort located in the Rila mountains (altitude of 1350 meters) only 70 km from the capital Sofia. The location is surrounded by centuries-old pine forests, alpine meadows, deep valleys and rivers. Borovets is located near the impressive seven lakes of the Rila mountains dotted with small picturesque villages.


Camp 2 will be set up right next to the elegant Starosel wine and spa complex. The village of Starosel is located on the southern slopes of the central forest ("Sredna Gora"). The average altitude of the area is 300 meters. The terrain of the region is formed by the soft slopes of the central forest, which gradually transforms, in the south, into the Upper Valley.


For the third camp, the rally will stop in Duni at the Royal Resort near the city of Burgas on the wonderful Black Sea coast.


The last camp, as per tradition, will be located on the beach of the charming Black Sea coast near the village of Shkoprilovtsi, 35 km south of the city of Varna. Shkoprilovtsi is located on the ancient Roman road Via Pontica that connected Constantinople and continental Europe. The beach strip, 100 meters width and 13 kilometers long that attracts tourists and water sports enthusiasts from all over Europe, is the ideal place to finish the race bringing to mind of drovers the exciting races of the old style Dakar  on the Lac Rose.




Typical rally-raid format

Fast driving tracks

All kind of off-road terrains: gravel, sand, beach, dirt roads

Leg distance from 150 to 650 km

There will be speed, but also a lot of adventure, navigation and most importantly – many and different beautiful landscapes across Bulgaria.



Adventure trophy format

Off-track navigation

Water and mud crossings

Leg distance from 50 to 450 km

Extreme adventure trophy – this is the task for the roadbook team which is again making a dedicated tracks for the extreme category competitors. Technical tracks, azimuth courses, river ravines and many breath taking landscapes… but do not expect to go soft.



Rally fans




Experience the emotions of being a part of big rally with exciting program and beautiful route. No ranking and no timing.



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15.09.2018 – 22.09.2018






New in 2018: The Balkan Offroad Discovery Category - A Rally-Adventure Raid for standard Offroad Cars


The RBI is proud to announce the "Discovery Category" - an offroad challenge allowing you to follow the Balkan Offroad Rally (September 15-22) on real rally tracks in the footsteps of the rally-pilots - but without driving against the clock, even suitable for less-experienced drivers and without the need of a rally-car.


Discover the Balkan Offroad Rally, the well selected rally stages through the beautiful and surprising landscape of Bulgaria, the excellent 4-5 Star Hotels (*) or Rally-Bivouacs and the friendly and open Bulgarian hospitality - together with your family or friends.


You will explore and drive special sections of original rally-stages and dedicated tracks via roadbook and GPS - to discover the most beautiful parts of the country with your own 4x4. You will be part of the big rally-family and live the rally life with briefings, bivouacs and catering.


When you are not racing, you have time to enjoy the fantastic landscape with mountain passes, deep forests, wide open views, wineyards, the beach at the Black Sea or you can explore the villages and cities next to the rally tracks.


You only need a standard 4x4 vehicle, fitted with terrain-tyres (we suggest A/T or M/T), a good original or modified suspension, basic recovery equipment like tow ropes/belts, a rally-computer or mobile-phone app to be used with the roadbook - and you are ready to start!


Explore the Rally and the country of Bulgaria with the emotions a rally offers: An experienced organizer with a big team, rescue helicopter service, full medical protection, recovery service, tyre-service, own marshalls - and a approved "You Can´t Get Lost" rally safety tracking system - but it would be all under your own pace and driving style.


The Balkan Discovery category is open for ATV, SSV and cars. And because we don´t want to “throw you in the cold water”, a theoretical navigation and roadbook training will be part of our Discovery concept – so will be practical advices fro driving on local terrain.


Follow a Rally and discover Bulgaria like never before!


Facts and Dates Balkan Offroad Discovery Category 2018


Date: 15-22 September 2018


Bivouac 01 Borovets: The first bivouac will be located in Borovets, 70 km near the Bulgarian Capital Sofia. The rally will stay in a ski-resort in the Rila Mountains, surrounded by pine-forests, alpine meadows, deep valleys and rivers


Bivouac 02 Starosel: The second bivouac is at the elegant Starosel wine and spa complex, located near to the mountains north of the City of Plovdiv, selected as “European Capital of Culture” 2019


Bivouac 03 Duni: Third stop of the rally will be in the “Duni Royal Resort” near the city of Burgas at the wonderful Black Sea coast


Bivouac 04 Shkorpilovtsi: The final bivouac will be traditionally directly next to the beach of the Black Sea in the village of Shkorpilovtsi, 35 km south of the city of Varna with the legendary rally-final and prize-giving ceremony at the beach in front of a modern and beautiful resort complex.


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(*)= With optional Hotel Package