Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2019

REGISTRATIONS for the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2019 are OPEN!

The race is international and is open to Italian and foreign crews. The winner of both categories will receive a free entry to the Croatia Trophy 2019. Subscribers by January 15, 2019 will be entitled to a 10% discount.

The perfect race to test car and crew before the Croatia Trophy! These words have been described, by most of the participants, the Italian race, organized by Friuli Fuoristrada, which is a prelude to the legendary Croatia Trophy.


The winner of both categories will receive a free entry to the Croatia Trophy 2019. Which best chance to get a free entry to the Croatia Trophy and get in challenge with the best European teams.


Friuli Fuoristrada is pleased to announce the dates of the 3rd edition of Croatia Trophy Italian Experience. The event takes place from 21 to 24 February 2019 in the huge area of the former powder of Attimis (Udine - Italy ). The morphology of the terrain is ideal for this type of competition and it represents the essence of the true Croatia Trophy. Igor BOŽIKOVIĆ, organizer of Croatia Trophy, he enjoyed the competition field and the organization of the Friuli Fuoristrada.


The purpose of the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience is to promote and encourage participation in the Croatia Trophy 2019 between Italians crews than among Europeans.


Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2019 is organized by Friuli Fuoristrada in close contact with Igor BOŽIKOVIĆ, Croatia Trophy, which supports and sponsors this race.


The categories in the race, as in the legendary Croatian competition, will be two: TROPHY and ADVENTURE


The technical requirements for vehicles in each category are as those described in the regulation of the Croatia Trophy and you will find in the Friuli Fuoristrada

web site.


The race will take place within the powder keg of Attimis; the track will be different depending on the category and the way the race will follow the procedures of the Croatia Trophy.


Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2019 is open to all Italian and not teams.


Friuli Fuoristrada thanks from now all the teams participating in the Croatia Trophy Italian Experience 2019, Igor BOŽIKOVIĆ and all the staff of the Croatia Trophy, sponsors and partners, and the media will follow the event.


Registrations are open from 6 December 2018. The registration fee is 500.00 euros. Subscribers by January 15, 2019 are entitled to a 10% discount.



The event will be scheduled as follows:

Thursday 21/02

9.00 opening parking area for competitors

2.30 opening to the public and beginning of administrative and tech check

18.00 end of checks

19.00 press conference

Friday 22/02

9.00 opening parking area for competitors, start of checks

12.00 end of checks

14.00 briefing MANDATORY

14.30 start of prologue

19.30 briefing

20.00 start 1st stage

Saturday 23/02

9.30 briefing MANDATORY

10.00 start 2nd stage

13.00 end of 2nd stage

14.00 briefing

14.30 start of the 3rd stage

18.30 end of the 3rd stage

Sunday 24/02


10.00 start of 4th stage

15.00 end of the 4th stage

16.30pm display of ranking and prize giving



Each crew must consist of two people (pilot and co-pilot). Each crew member must have a valid driving license, must also be in possession of the UISP B1 card and they will be free to exchange roles during the race.

There's 2 categories: "Trophy" class and in the "Adventure" class, the class difference is in the vehicle's equipment.



Vehicles with a tare weight higher than 3.5 t are not allowed. For vehicles in the Adventure class only the front winch is required and portal axles are forbidden, the Trophy class cars must be equipped with both the front and rear winches and may have portal axles.

For both categories tractor tires and tires with chains are not allowed, the tire size is free for both categories.

The winch cables must be new or in very good condition with a hook that is safe and unopened.

The following features are also mandatory:

- roll bar / roll cage with at least 4 anchor points in sturdy seats

- homologated safety belts (minimum 3 points)

- front and rear tow hooks

- spare tire securely secured to the vehicle

- fuel tank of adequate size to guarantee a range of at least 30 km

- lighting system and lights (for night stage)

- a 2-kg extinguisher that is firmly secured to the vehicle

- first-aid kit

- tree strop

- strop of at least 10 meters

- 2 crickets of at least 3.5 t

- hight lift

- trip master (highly recommended)

- helmets (ECE tested)

- gloves

- plasticate cloth of adequate size to be placed under the vehicle in the assistance area

In addition you can have water, food, and personal effects, tools and spare parts for repairs on board.

It is not allowed:

- possession and use of GPS during the tests

- possession and use of telephones and radios except those for communicating between pilot and co-pilot

- transporting cans, baskets, or other portable fuel containers

For this event it is not mandatory to have the vehicle licensed and secured.



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