2019 Jeepers Meeting, Woodstock Edition

The Jeepers Meeting is the most awaited event of the year for every fan of the legendary stars and stripes brand. Also this year the call has started for all the European Jeepers for the 2019 edition which will take place from 27 to 30 June in Maggiora.

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jeepers meeting 2019

At the end of June the legendary Jeepers event returns like every year at the Offroad Arena of Maggiora (NO). the JM is organized by the Jeepers Club Milano and the Sport Club Maggiora and is dedicated to those who have always come, to those who came only once, to those who have never been there and also to those who don't know what it is but above all to who will come to the 2019 edition!

jeepers meeting 2019

Jeepers Meeting, is a record!

Over the years the Jeepers Meeting has grown to become the most important Jeep event in Europe; the JM also holds the European record of the highest number of participating Jeep vehicles.

Share the passion for Jeep to experience unique and unforgettable moments

Participating in the Jeepers Meeting is not just about taking part in any off-road meeting. Participating in the JM means spending unique and unforgettable moments with those who share your same passion and being with old and new friends in a unique environment where fun is at home.

Bruno Tinelli, deus ex machina of the event, remind us the origins of the club and of the meeting

“The Jeepers Club Milano was founded in 1995 by a group of CJ and Yj enthusiastic friends and at that time it was beginning to look out on the off-road realities of that time. Our club does not have a legal form but it is only a large group of friends who find themselves together to live the same passion without cards or other bureaucratic constraints: stay with us and you are one of us! In those years, definitively abandoning the racing sector and joining them, it was time for me to realize my dream: to organize a Jeep mono-brand rally as I had always imagined."

jeepers meeting 2019 bruno tinelli
Bruno Tinelli

Bruno are you talking about the Jeepers Meeting? “Yes, the occasion presented itself in 2003, when one evening in a pizzeria I illustrated my project to my friend Ezio Raffredi. We decided that the most suitable place for an event of this kind was the offroad track of Maggiora and after a phone call to Riccardo Fasola, then vice president of the local off-road club, the games were made. At the beginning we were guests of an event called "Festa dello Sport" which then died down to make room for what is now the Jeepers Meeting that everyone knows. The spirit and the passion that has been created around this gathering every time galvanizes us and gives us the strength to work on the following edition."

Moon Trails and much more to vent the desire for offroad

Both inside the vast area of the Sport Club Maggiora and externally different off-road routes will be set up with different degrees of difficulty in order to allow everyone to have fun with their Jeep.


For the benefit of the participants and also of those who have never participated, here is some information on the routes created for the Jeepers Meeting. The organization has provided four tracks which in detail are: GREEN, BLUE, RED and BLACK. This distinction of colors, except in the first case, deliberately takes up the best-known classification of ski slopes, thus distinguishing the increasing level of difficulty of the various routes.

jeepers meeting 2019

MOON TRAILS, 2019 new

These are guided trails on a course of about 2 hours, starting from the Maggiora racetrack, they will lead to one of the off-road tracks that, from the end of the 70s to 1984, contributed to creating the history of off-road and Jeep in Italy :


"I Pian della Luna di Valduggia", reopened for the first time last year with the first "Moon Trails" and in 2019 for the first time with the 1st Jeep Legend Italy rally.


We anticipate that they are recommended tours for Jeep owners with off-road tires due to the presence of a stretch of "BLU" a little more challenging and a red / black variant (optional) for the more experienced.


However, upon registration to the trails, to be carried out at the Jeepers Meeting Registration Point, all relevant information will be given to move as always and everywhere in total awareness.


Upon arrival in Valduggia there will be the possibility to freely roam on the new tracks BLUE, RED and BLACK of the track torn from the vegetation for more than thirty-five years of abandonment with the hard work of the members of the Pian della Luna Jeepers Club.


For all participants, refreshments will be offered in the typical restaurants around the track.


At the restart for the return on asphalt there will be the possibility of making the road that goes down towards the Madonna del Sasso that passing by the "Sabbioni" allows you to admire Lake Orta in its splendor!

jeepers meeting 2019

In addition, the Jeepers Meeting offers to its participants Thursday visits to the Club Museum, the Startup Offroad and the Vintage Jeep Affasinante.

jeepers meeting 2019


This is a unique Jeep vehicle collection. Bruno Tinelli tells us how the Collection was born. "It is thanks and together with my friend Fabrizio Mereghetti that I started in the 80s to recover the first Jeeps that at that time had no great value, indeed, some over the years we have also been given as a present. It all started one day when Fabrizio told me that he had found a CJ7 V8 in Vigevano at just over two million lire, I offered to go and see him together and I got in company with him without being invited. Fortunately, he accepted me willingly and we started this adventure together without knowing where he would then take us over the years. In fact, later on, during a speed race in Piedmont, we found ourselves with the engine of our fused Renegade, and the need to find a new engine led us to buy a CJ7 V8 automatic radiato to take off what we needed. The problem was that neither of them had the courage to take it apart and was parked without removing even a bolt, then resuming the search for the engine. Second chance a Cherokee Chief from 1979 abandoned for many years at a BMW dealer in Varese, he too saved and secured together with the other Jeep. After these two failed attempts we went in search of the only engine to avoid other surprises, even if at that time there were often very happy occasions and very little money. In a few years we found and accumulated many Jeeps that were being radiated and dismantled under the blows of the off-road tax, stamp duty and profit meter. This is how the collection that everyone can see at the Jeepers Club Milano has begun."



Dedicated to all those who want to perfect their off-road driving. To do this, the organization will provide specialized personnel who will accompany off-roaders directly on the blue track to safely face and overcome some of the most frequent off-road difficulties.



For all those who want to bring their own Jeep Vintage (from 1941 to 1989) and to be able to experience the Jeepers Meeting with her, an area has been dedicated to exhibit them and highlight them. We have also thought of a particular "VINTAGE JEEP" package that will allow those who wish to register and be able to have, in addition to the exhibition area dedicated to the historical ones, the event plaque, the t-shirt, the gadgets, the sticker and the possibility of taking part in the Saturday Green Trail. The registration fee is € 50 per vehicle.


NB: The "Vintage Jeep" package does not allow access to off-road routes.

Online pre-registration is not possible - on-site registration

jeepers meeting 2019

2019 Jeepers Meeting schedule


- Thursday 27 June 2019


2.00 pm: Registration opening - Museum opening


6:00 pm: Museum closure


8:00 pm: Night tour


10.30 pm: Pasta party - DJ set 


- Friday 28 June 2019


09.00 am: Opening of registrations - Opening of off-road trails


10.00 am: Opening of the expo area


12.30: Offroad trails closure


2.00 pm: Offroad trails opening - Departure for Moon Trails


6.00 pm: DJ set - Live music at expo area - Offroad trails closing


10.00 pm: Live music: Rock Radi 


- Saturday 29 June 2019


08.30 am: Opening of registrations


09.00: Offroad trails opening - Moon Trails and Green Trails start


10.00 am: Opening of the expo area - Jeeppertutti


12.30 pm: Offroad trails closure - Live music: Country Rock Half Blood


2.00 pm: Offroad trails opening - DJ set - Live music area Expo


4.30 pm: DJ set - Live music at area Show Time


5.00 pm: Aperitif Show Time in Action


6.00 pm: Offroad trails closing


10.00 pm: Live music: Rock Antani Project - Acknowledgments 


- Sunday 30 June 2019


08.30 am: Opening of registrations


09.00: Offroad trails opening


10.00 am: Expo area opening - Jeeppertutti - DJ set - Live music area Expo


12.30: Offroad trails closure


2.00 pm: Offroad trails opening


4.30 pm Offroad trails closure 



Jeepers Meeting c/o Sport Club Maggiora

Via Fornaci ,25 - Pragiarolo

28014 Maggiora (NO) -ITALY-



jeepers meeting 2019