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Articoli italiano · 18. February 2020
Oggi, la gara tra amici per una cassa di birra è diventata un grandioso evento ed una celebrazione di tutto ciò che è fuoristrada. Ogni anno oltre 50.000 persone provenienti da tutto il mondo si ritrovano nel deserto della California per seguire la Koh week. Josh Blyler vince la gara di fuoristrada più dura del mondo, Bryce Menzies domina e si porta a casa 100.000 dollari nella Toyo Desert Invitational Presented By Monster Energy e Brad Lovell vince la 4WP Every Man Challenge.
English articles · 17. February 2020
Today, the friends off-road battle over a case of beer, it's as much of a festival and celebration of all-things off-road as it is a race, despite races taking place, has transformed into a weeklong annual bash that brings upward of 50,000 people from all over the globe to gather in the California desert. Josh Blyler wins the world's hardest one day off-road race, Bryce Menzies dominates the Toyo Desert Invitational Presented By Monster Energy and Brad Lovell wins the 4WP Every Man Challenge.

English articles · 25. January 2020
The European Robert Butler and the American Levi Shirley will compete at the 2020 King of the Hammers in the UTV race. We will see them in action on Saturday 1 February in qualifying and Sunday 2 February in the race. Here is the presentation of the Off-Road Armoury team.
English articles · 08. December 2019
In 2020 three Ultra4 Europe drivers will be protagonists in the Johnson Valley (CA) among the big names of Ultra4 Racing. For them participating in the King of the Hammers is a dream that become true and it is a hard challenge both from a logistical and a competitive point of view. In this article I present to you who are these three brave teams.

English articles · 28. November 2019
Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe brought a Rolls Royce Cullinan to the Rebelle Rally 2019. A challenge for many unthinkable that has turned into a great success both for the team and for Rolls Royce. Emme and Rebecca with their Cullinan won the Rebelle 2019 in the Crossover category.
Articoli italiano · 27. November 2019
Emme Hall e Rebecca Donaghe hanno portato in gara al Rebelle Rally 2019 una Rolls Royce Cullinan. Una sfida per molti impensabile che si è trasformata in un grande successo sia per il team che per Rolls Royce. Emme e Rebecca con la loro Cullinan hanno vinto il Rebelle 2019 nella categoria Crossover.

English articles · 22. November 2019
King Of The Hammers live streaming: backstage More than 2 million people watched the King of The Hammers 2019 live streaming. But what's behind all this? This is what I will explain in this article.
English articles · 21. November 2019
Thanks to Nena Barlow I was able to test, in european exclusive, the new Jeep Gladiator on the dunes of Glamis (CA). It was a pleasant surprise and a confirmation of the overlanding qualities of this pickup that only with a few modification it is possible to change its face and performance.

Articoli italiano · 21. November 2019
Grazie a Nena Barlow ho potuto testare, in esclusiva europea, la nuova Jeep Gladiator sulle dune di Glamis (CA). E’ stata una piacevole sorpresa ed una conferma delle doti di overlanding di questo pick up che solo con poche modifiche cambia faccia e performance.
English articles · 20. November 2019
Every year in California, the first week of February is dedicated to the King of the Hammers: the toughest off-road race in the world. Check out the 2020 KOH week.

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