King of The Hammers: evething you need to know

From a 2007 challenge between friends to win a case of beer, over the years, the King of the Hammers has evolved into first becoming the toughest one-day offroad race in the world and then transforming into a more than week-long event involving every type of offroad vehicle. Every year over 60,000 people from around the world gather in Johnson Valley, California's Mojave Desert to witness this one-of-a-kind event. Today, the King of the Hammers, thanks to the vision of Dave Cole, has achieved a huge reputation among all off-road enthusiasts. In this article of mine you will find everything you should know about the King of the Hammers and be ready to attend KOH 2024 which will take place from January 18th to February 3rd.

Photography and Story by Paolo Baraldi

king of the hammers

King of The Hammers takes place in Johnson Valley (California)

Johnson Valley is a small unincorporated community in San Bernardino County in Southern California between Victor Valley and Morongo Basin areas of the High Desert region of California. It is north of Highway 247 in the Mojave Desert, and north by northwest of Yucca Valley. It is bordered by the San Bernardino Mountains to the south, Lucerne Valley to the west, and Landers to the east.


Geographically, Johnson Valley is the eastern portion of Lucerne Valley (referring to the geographical valley formation rather than the unincorporated town), opening up to the Homestead Valley in the southeast to the communities of Flamingo Heights, Landers, and Yucca Valley.

king of the hammers

King of the Hammers take place in the Johnson Valley OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) area is a tract of BLM-managed land set aside for recreational use by residents and off-highway enthusiasts. The OHV area is bordered by Interstate 40 at its northernmost point, at Highway 247's northern leg to Barstow at its western border, and at Emerson Dry Lake/US Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at its easternmost border.

The first ever King of The Hammers took place in 2007

The location where everything was born was a bar in San Bernardino, to be precise Chili's bar. Here Dave Cole and Jeff Knoll planned the first King of the Hammers on a paper napkin. Cole was a Rock-Crawler champion and had good relations with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), Knoll was involved in the Desert Race and had experience in managing motorsport events. After working on logistics and creating a team to run the event, they invited twelve of their friends to the Johnson Valley with the excuse of spending a day together in offroad. To the guys was not told anything that happened until they all arrived. The very first edition of the King of the Hammers was handled in secret: no spectator, no journalist and no sponsor; only the drivers invited and as a prize a case of beer. The route of this first KOH, 35 miles long, was presented to the participants like that: "Lakebed to Outer Limits up Outer Limits down Aftershock down Sunbonnet up Devil's Slide down Hell's Gate take a right towards Landers up the Slide Towards the end of Sledge  up Jack (hammer) down Jack North up Wrecking Ball down Claw (hammer) back to the Lakebed ". Twelve checkpoints were set up along the track where each pilot had to sign a log to ensure that all trails were completed. JR Reynolds, with the advantage of competing at home won the race with a surprising time of 2 hours and 57 minutes. Tracy Jordan, a "virgin" from the Hammers, arrived about half an hour later. Most of the others took more than five hours to cross the finish line. Some pilots, like Jordan, had never been to Johnson Valley and relied solely on GPS to find their way. After the "non-event" was disputed, Jeff Knoll posted a simple question on a famous American offroad forum: "How do you think it takes to run 8 Hammers trails consecutively?". Dave Cole, immediately he stimulated even more attention by betting 100 dollars that no one could do it in less than five hours. After receiving the interest of the forum, they published the results of the secret competition and at that point everyone wanted to prove that they were faster.

king of the hammers
Dave Cole

The first to race the King of The Hammers in 2007 were 12 drivers and they are called the OG13

But why OG13 if they were 12?


A reliable source, JT Taylor, told me: "I was in charge of making the T-Shirts for the drivers, I called Dave and asked him: how many drivers are there?" And Dave replied:  13 . "So I asked him: Do we call them OG13? "He told me yes and I printed the shirts and only on the day of the race I discovered that we were 12 ... but since then we are known as the OG13."


The OG13 are:


- Bart Dixon


- Brett Porte


- Chris Gieger


- Hobie Smith


- Jack Graef


- Jeremy Toney


- John James


- John Reynolds


- JT Taylor


- Scott Ellinger


- Scott Porter


- Tracy Jordan


The 13th person didn't race. It was Steve Parker, Hammer Hog. He was invited to race but opted not and was the CB Radio relay to make sure everyone made it back.

Hammertown is a state of mind!

It is a city that born out of nowhere in the Mojave Desert, lives its own life for a few weeks with thousands and thousands of people and then, at the end of the KOH, vanishes to leave the desert desert.


It's hard to explain Hammertown to someone who has never been there but I try anyway.

king of the hammers

Coming from Yucca Valley on the Old Woman Springs road, at one point, just before Boone Road, looking to the right, a thick layer of dust hangs in the air above the Johnson Valley.  This is the signal that Hammertown is over there!  From a hilltop vantage point there are thousands of campers scattered across miles of desert, like tiny boats floating on an ocean of sand.  At the center of it all is Hammertown, the ephemeral city that springs up for one month of the year during the King of the Hammers.  Despite its large size, Hammertown is barely visible behind the layer of dust that envelops the entire lakebed.  Walking through the streets of Hammertown is a unique experience that I recommend to everyone.  You will meet great people, unique vehicles and a great family atmosphere.  I believe that just as there is nostalgia for Africa, there is also nostalgia for Hammertown which drives you back every year.

Rise of the King of the Hammers

In 2008 the first true and official King of the Hammers took place even if still without public. The track was of 50 miles with 7 Hammers to be overcome over the desert tracks. About 50 drivers, all top drivers of Desert Race and Rock Crawling, participated in the event, and each of them wanted to demonstrate its value. On that occasion, Shannon Campbell was crowned King of the Hammers after moving from last place in the lead with an epic race that has attracted even more interest in this extreme race. Soon the Hammerking Productions were created, the public was invited to watch the race, the first sponsors appeared, the Ultra4 category was defined and the Ultra4 Racing championship started.


From this year to today, the KOH has grown more and more becoming the multi-race event that we all know.

king of the hammers

The European brigade at King of the Hammers

In 2009 videos, pictures and stories from King of the Hammers started to arriving in Europe and immediately a large number of european offroad enthusiast was in love for this kind of race.


My research into the history of the King of the Hammers made me discover that the first European driver to participate and finish KOH was the Belgian Dieter Duytschaever in 2009. In 2010 the German Ralf Kueller also finish the King of the Hammers in 28th position. Kueller also raced in the Lakebed in 2015.


In the Ultra4 Europe era, Axel Burmann (Belgium) participated in the King of the Hammers in 2012, followed in 2013 by Jim Marsden, Pier Acerni, Stephane Zosso and again Axel Burmann. In 2013, Jim Marsden started last in the Everyman Challenge and he finished in first position overtaking all other drivers. Although later disqualified, Marsden's remains an epic race!


In the following years many other drivers went or returned to compete at KOH as Pier Acerni with Will Overton as co-pilot. In recent years many European drivers raced at KOH: Nicolas Montador, Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia, Neville Ciantar, Daniel Roderick, Michael Hen, the Vekeman brothers, Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia, Bernd Schäfer, Shabs Piercy, Philon Parpottas, David Viadéro (in 2022 UTV race with Nicolas Montador as copiloti) and Martin Duffy. 

king of the hammers

In the Ultra4 Europe era (from 2012) the Englishman Rob Butler in 2016 was the first to finish the KOH. The Spaniard Inaki Lanzagorta completed the challenge in 2020.


Robert Butler raced twice at King of the Hammers: 2015 and 2016. In 2015 he drove Layla Levi Shirley's old vehicle but got fought in a huge bottleneck at Sledghammer and ran out of time as a result. In 2016 he shipped his own mid engine Eurofighter (solid axle) to the Lakebed and he completed the race in time placing 23rd... only like 35 cars finished the race. Rob is still the only European driver ever to compete and finish King of the Hammers in a European built Ultra4 vehicle (his Off-Road Armoury built solid axel Eurofighter). In 2020 Rob Butler raced the UTV King of the Hammers with Levi Shirley as co-pilot, finishing in 23rd position.


It is correct to remember that the Italian Fabio Manno, who moved to live in the States, has participated in the King of the Hammers every year since 2011.


2009 is the year of UTV's appearance at King of the Hammers week

“W.E.ROCK Events in coordination with Hammer King Productions and Side X Side Super Jam, brings a UTV Class race to the 2009 King of the Hammers (KOH) race week. The UTV Class race will be a limited entry, and shortened version of the buggy race. Top UTV racers will race across the rugged terrain of Johnson Valley, known as the Hammers. The race course will include 2 of the infamous Hammers rock crawling trails and miles of desert sections, which will include lakebeds, whoop sections, gravel and rock washes, and deep sand areas”.


What you just read was the official announcement of the first UTV race at the KOH Week. Since then, UTVs have been a major presence at King of the Hammers.


UTV technology since the first edition is improving by leaps and bounds every year, just like the Ultra4 cars. This is to face the challenge that brings these vehicles to compete on the same race track as the big and powerful cars of the 4400 class.

king of the hammers

The winners of all editions of this race:


2009: Mitch Guthrie

2010: Mitch Guthrie

2011: Brandon Schueler

2012: Mitch Guthrie

2013: Mitch Guthrie

2014: Mitch Guthrie

2015: Mitch Guthrie

2016: Blake Van De Loo

2017: Shannon Campbell

2018: Mitch Guthrie Jr.

2019: Mitch Guthrie Jr.

2020: Hunter Miller

2021: Kyle Chaney

2022: Kyle Chaney

2023: Kyle Chaney

2024: Kyle Chaney

2011 Campbell 5AZ, was the first IFS to win the King of the Hammers

Shannon Campbell is one of the most famous and best performing Ultra4 Racing drivers. Shannon won the King of the Hammers three times, 2008 - 2011 - 2017, and was the first to win the toughest one-day off-road race in the world with an IFS vehicle.

king of the hammers

Here my list of the King of the Hammers winners from 2007 to 2022 where, next to the name of the driver, I reported if the car is IFS or Solid.


2007: JR Reynolds (Solid)


2008: Shannon Campbell (Solid)


2009: Jason Scherer (Solid)


2010: Loren Healy (Solid)


2011: Shannon Campbell (IFS) First time Independent


2012: Erik Miller and Robert Ruggiero (Solid)


2013: Randy Slawson (Solid)


2014: Loren Healy (Solid)


2015: Randy Slawson (Solid)


2016: Erik Miller (Solid)


2017: Shannon Campbell (IFS)


2018: Jason Scherer (IFS)


2019: Jason Scherer (IFS)


2020: Josh Byler (Solid)


2021: Randy Slawson (Solid)


2022: Raul Gomez (IFS)


2023: Raul Gomez (IFS)


2024: JP Gomez (IFS)

2012. Every Man Challenge: a race on a human scale where the difference is made by the drivers more than the performance of the vehicle

In the middle of 2011, Ultra4 announced that a new event would take place the Monday before the 2012 King of the Hammers: the Every Man Challenge (EMC).


This was the opportunity for non-professional drivers to race on the same course as the big event but slightly modified for the smaller tire restrictions.


It was originally open to only 100 vehicles and the list was filled before the start of 2012. The entry list has increased over the years along with the addition of 2 more classes in 2014: the Legends Class for older 4400 cars that were not as competitive and a Stock Class.

king of the hammers

The classes:


- 4600 Stock Class. The Stock class rules are simple—and probably the most restricted at the same time. You can basically run your trail rig as long as it meets the following characteristics: stock OEM frame, factory engine, factory transmission, 35-inch DOT tires, single 2.5-inch diameter shocks per corner and mechanical steering.


- 4500 Modified Class: Essentially, the 4500 Modified class is the next step up from Stock. It’s limited in what you can do but it’s far more open and budget-friendly than the 4400s. It’s a 37-inch tall DOT tire class that also requires rigs to be steered directly by the driver. That means that there is no hydraulic steering, you’re not moving a valve to turn the tires. You can have a hydro-assist, but the steering wheel must be connected to a steering box that’s connected to the wheels. You’re also limited to two shocks per corner that are 2.65-inches in diameter with a stroke of 14-inches. They must also be connected directly to the axle, so you can’t make a cantilever suspension or anything that would give it a mechanical advantage to increase the suspension rate to increase wheel travel. The biggest cost saver, though, is that the entry must be a production vehicle and the body must resemble an OEM body. There is also a limitation to what you can do to the frame. So, there needs to be something that replicates the cab, bed, doors, fenders, hood, and other body pieces that the original truck or SUV you’re entering as. They can be modified for clearance, but only enough for clearance. You can run any make engine and the only limitation is engine location; The rear of the engine block must be located in front of the furthest forward portion of the driver’s seat. Other than that, there isn’t much else limiting the Modified class.


- 4800 Legends Class. With the extreme advancement of the 4400 Class, a lot of rigs were made less competitive in a short amount of time. In recognition of that and wanting to give these rigs a place to run, the Legends class was created to allow these rigs to race. These rigs are limited to a two-seater rig with a front-engine, single shock per corner, solid axles, and 37-inch DOT tires. Other than that, there isn’t much limiting the 4800s and they are a call back to the early years of KOH. This technically makes the 4800s a much easier step up to the 4400 class and the King of the Hammers. Adding a set of longer shocks and bigger tires for that race can make these rigs rather competitive against the 4400s. Many 4800s have been rebuilt to 4400 rules without much modification, thus making them an economical way to go from EMC to KOH. Well, relatively economical considering you’re still building a $300,000 to $500,000-plus vehicle for either class. To date, though, no rig has won the EMC and the KOH in the same week.


What’s great about the Every Man Challenge, it gives those who aspire to race in the King of the Hammers a place to run and prepare themselves for that big race. Even though it may be shorter than most open desert races, it’s far more brutal than the mileage indicates. What’s even better, anyone can enter. If you’ve got a stock, leaf-spring truck that you drive on the road but want to race it, you have a place in the EMC and the 4600 Stock Class. Even though it is the slowest class, it is the one where you’ll learn the most about Johnson Valley and the rock features they race on. At the very least, you get a chance to race on a compact version of the course that makes up the King of the Hammers. While having a huge budget is nice, the King of the Hammers and EMC is quite possibly the last race where you can drive your vehicle to the event, race in it, and possibly drive back home if you haven’t completely torn your vehicle to shreds. However, you might want to bring a trailer just in case.

king of the hammers

Past Winners:


- Overall

2012: John Currie

2013: John Currie

2014: John Currie

2015: Brandon Currie

2016: Brad Lovell

2017: Brad Lovell

2018: Dan Fresh

2019: Casey Gilbert

2020: Brad Lovell

2021: Chayse Caprara

2022: Dan Fresh

2023: Jeremy Jones

2024: Randy Slawson


- 4500 Past Winners:


2013: John Currie

2014: John Currie

2015: Brandon Currie

2016: Jessi Combs

2017: Marty Mann

2018: Dan Fresh

2019: Jimmy Jack

2020: Dan Fresh

2021: Dan Fresh

2022: John Matthews

2023: Duane Garretson

2024: Duane Garretson


- 4600 Past Winners:


2012: John Currie

2013: Matthew Peterson

2014: Erik Miller

2015: Matthew Peterson

2016: Brian Behrend

2017: Ben Varozza

2018: Jessi Combs

2019: Justin Reece

2020: Jesse Haines

2021: Justin Reece

2022: Vaughn Gittin Jr./ c

2023: Loren Healy

2024: Bailey Cole


- 4800 Past Winners:


2014: Brad Lovell

2015: Ben Napier

2016: Brad Lovell

2017: Brad Lovell

2018: Casey Gilbert

2019: Casey Gilbert

2020: Brad Lovell

2021: Chayse Caprara

2022: Dan Fresh

2023: Jeremy Jones

2024: Randy Slawson

Fear and Loathing in Johnson Valley

I think this reimagining of a famous movie title fits perfectly with King of the Motos.  The first edition of this brutal race took place in 2012 and was born from an idea of the famous biker Jimmy Lewis.


"When you come out to King of the Hammers you are always amazed at what the 4400 cars can do and the terrain they can conquer. Then in 2012 Ultra 4 Racing brought motorcycles into the mix and threw them on the same rock trails the cars do. Seeing the worlds top riders navigate the rock trails with ease is something to see in person. A trail that is hard to walk up, riders at the top level make it look easy to climb on a motorcycle. Will challenge riders physically and emotionally. Riders will be faced with the option to rise to the challenge and continue, or fall to defeat. Every event within King of the Hammers is about pushing your limits".

king of the hammers

Past winners:


2012: Graham Jarvis

2013: Cody Webb

2014: Cody Webb

2015: Colton Haaker

2016: Cody Webb

2017: Colton Haaker

2018: Cody Webb

2019: No race

2020: Cody Webb

2021: Trystan Hart

2022: no race

2023: Trystan Hart

2024: Cody Webb

The crazy Shootout show was introduced in King of the Hammers Week in 2014

In 2014, fifty teams from across the US have signed up to compete in the first ever SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks East vs. West Showdown at Back Door. This shootout will feature both ULTRA4 vehicles and Rock Bouncers in a shootout style competition at the infamous Back Door trail.  The shootout will pit drivers from East of the Mississippi against drivers from the West Coast to see whose vehicle has what it takes to climb Back Door the fastest.


The return to the Back Door


Back Door” is one of the most popular trail in Johnson Valley and is located just a short distance from Hammertown. This year the Shootout will be back in this trail.

king of the hammers

2019, the arrival of the Desert Trucks at the King of the Hammers

The big news of 2019 was the introduction in the KOH Week of the race of the big, powerful and fast Desert Trucks.


Since then, the Desert Challenge has become a big part of the KOH Week and what started out as a one-day invitational race is now an all-weekend event with all categories in this specialty.


The Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy is in its fourth year as one of the feature events of the 2023 KIH Week.


New for 2023 are expanded vehicle classes to now include even more buggy types and truck builds. Everything from three build levels of UTVs and basically any VW-based tube-chassis car to stock mini-trucks and 1000-horsepower unlimited race trucks that literally fly across the desert will be included for a total of 11 vehicle classes.

king of the hammers

Last year podiums


(T1) 2022 Winner Kyle Jergensen, Luke McMillin 2nd, Tim Herbst 3rd.


(T2) 2022 Winner Christopher Polvoorde, Dustin Grabowski 2nd, Chad Dohrman 3rd.


(B1) 2022 Winner Adam Lunn, Brad Etter 2nd, Kevin Smith 3rd."


2023 Desert Unlimited: Adam Householder


2023 Desert Limited: Ezra Ebberts


2024 Desert Unlimited: Christopher Polvoorde


2024 Desert Limited: Kyle Jergensen

The Baja Jerky Class 11 was introduced in 2021 and has become one of the most popular and exciting events of the KOH Week

There's nothing like watching these near-stock VW Bugs – one of the original off-road race car types – go at it like Roman gladiators.


Past Winners:

2021: Blake Wilkey

2022: Blake Wilkey

2023: Alex Gonzales

2024: Blake Wilkey

king of the hammers

Who will be the new King this year?

Raul Gomez was last year's King.


Will it be a new one or one of the already crowned in the past years?


2007: JR Reynolds


2008: Shannon Campbell


2009: Jason Scherer


2010: Loren Healy


2011: Shannon Campbell


2012: Erik Miller


2013: Randy Slawson


2014: Loren Healy


2015: Randy Slawson


2016: Erik Miller


2017: Shannon Campbell


2018: Jason Scherer


2019: Jason Scherer


2020: Josh Blyler


2021: Randy Slawson


2022: Raul Gomez


2023: Raul Gomez


2024: JP Gomez


Of the 18 winners...


3 are two-time Kings: Loren Healy in 2010 and 2014, Erik Miller in 2012 and 2016 and Roul Gomez in 2022 and 2023.


3 are three-time Kings: Shannon Campbell in 2008, 2011 and 2017. Shannon was the first to become twice King and the first to become three-time King.  Jason Scherer in 2009, 2018 and 2019. Jason Scherer and Raul Gomez are the only two to have won two consecutive years.  Randy Slawson in 2013, 2015 and 2021. Randy raced and won as JR Raynolds's co-pilot in the first ever King of the Hammers in 2007.

king of the hammers

2024 Progressive King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto and Powered by OPTIMA Batteries Schedule

- Thursday, January 18, 2024


12 pm Gates Open.


- Friday, January 19, 2024


12 - 5 pm Liqui Moly King of the Motos Check-In (GPS download and tracker allocation).

5 pm  Liqui Moly King of the Motos Riders Meeting, Short Course.


- Saturday, January 20, 2024


9 am Liqui Moly King of the Motos Race One Riders Meeting and Staging.


10 am - 3 pm Liqui Moly King of the Motos Race One, Remote Start (ends in Hammertown).


- Sunday, January 21, 2024


8 am Liqui Moly King of the Motos Race Two Riders Meeting and Staging, Chocolate Thunder.


9 am - 3 pm Liqui Moly King of the Motos Race Two, Start and Finish at Chocolate Thunder.


5 pm Liqui Moly King of the Motos Awards in Hammertown.


- Thursday, January 25, 2024


12 pm Pre-running opens and course map released to registered Competitors.


12 pm KOH Outpost Opens, Featuring Sonora Brewing Company and Tiny Pony Tavern.


- Friday, January 26, 2024


Pre-Running - Full Course Open.


Desert Course Pre-Run with King of the Hammers.


9 am - 4 pm Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy Tech Only, Enter by Gate 3 (all drivers are encouraged to tech on Friday 1/25).


7 pm Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy Drivers Meeting, Short Course.


- Saturday, January 27, 2024


Short Course and Desert Closed to Pre-Running.


7 am Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy Tech and Contingency, Enter by Gate 3 (for those unable to tech Friday).


8 am Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy Prologue (all Desert classes: T1, T2, T3, T4, B1, B2, B3, B4 and 1400/1450’s registered in the Unlimited Sunday Race).


10 am 1400/1450 Rush (following Desert Prologue).


2 pm Baja Vida Class 11 Showdown Presented by EMPI - Land Rush Start (following Prologue and 1400/1450 Rush).


6 pm Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy Awards.


- Sunday, January 28, 2024


Short Course and Desert Closed to Pre-Running.


8 am - 12 pm Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy for Limited Trucks and Buggies Race One (B2, B3, B4, T3, T4).


12:30 pm Toyo Tires Desert Challenge Presented by Monster Energy for Unlimited Trucks and Buggies Race Two (T1, T2, B1 and 1400/1450 registered in Unlimited Race).


5:15 - 6:45 pm KOH Rookie Program Celebration (KOH Rookie Program Registered Members).


7 pm UTV/EMC/4400 Mandatory Drivers Meeting, Short Course.


- Monday, January 29, 2024


Rock Course Pre-Run with King of the Hammers.


8 am - 2 pm Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship Qualifying.


2 - 3 pm Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship Power Hour.


2 - 5  pm KOH Kids 170 Tech, Tech Tent.


6 pm KOH Kids 170 and 4900 Youth 1000 Mandatory Drivers Meeting, WARN VIP Tent.


6 pm Pit Crew Challenge Presented by Pro Eagle & Buggy Whip at Pro Eagle Booth.


- Tuesday, January 30, 2024


8 am - 2 pm Every Man Challenge Qualifying.


2 - 3 pm Every Man Challenge Power Hour.


6 pm KOH Kids 170 Race on the Short Course.


- Wednesday, January 31, 2024


8 am - 2 pm Nitto Race of Kings Qualifying.


10 am - 5 pm Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship Tech and Contingency, Enter at Gate 3.


2 - 3 pm Nitto Race of Kings Power Hour.


7 pm UTV/EMC/4400 Mandatory Drivers Meeting, Short Course.


- Thursday, February 01, 2024


Pre-Running Closed, Hot Racecourse.


8 am Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship Race Start (Youth 1000 Start 30 Minutes Post).


9 am King of the Hammers Overland Experience Presented by Shiftpod Opens.


10 am - 4 pm Every Man Challenge Tech and Contingency, Enter at Gate 3.


6 pm Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship Race End.


- Friday, February 02, 2024


Pre-Running Closed, Hot Racecourse.


8 am Every Man Challenge Race Start.


10 am – 5 pm Nitto Race of Kings Tech and Contingency, Enter at Gate 3.


6 pm Every Man Challenge Race End.


- Saturday, February 03, 2024


Pre-Running Closed, Hot Racecourse.


8 am Nitto Race of Kings Race Start.


10 pm Nitto Race of Kings Race End.


King of the Hammers Overland Experience Concludes.