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English articles · 24. March 2020
Bailey Cole: son of art who loves to spend his free time with his family and to race in Ultra4 Racing to be with his best friends. But don't be fooled ... he's a badass driver!
Articoli italiano · 24. March 2020
Bailey Cole: figlio d’arte che ama passare il suo tempo libero con la famiglia e correre nelle gare di Ultra4 Racing per stare con i suoi migliori amici. Ma non fativi ingannare… è un ottimo pilota!

English articles · 12. January 2020
Everyone knows everyting about King of the Hammers, its kings and how Ultra4 Racing was born. And what about Ultra4 Europe? Its kings and its champions? In this article I will try to tell you everything you need to know about Ultra4 Europe.
English articles · 04. December 2019
3 december 2019. Dave Cole, CEO of Hammerking Productions, officially welcomed Ryan Thomas into the Ultra4 Racing family. Ryan Thomas will be President of Ultra4 Racing; "this is next step in the evolution of Ultra4 Racing and the King of the Hammers in the mission to be better aligned and poised for growth and continuity."

English articles · 22. November 2019
King Of The Hammers live streaming: backstage More than 2 million people watched the King of The Hammers 2019 live streaming. But what's behind all this? This is what I will explain in this article.
English articles · 20. November 2019
Every year in California, the first week of February is dedicated to the King of the Hammers: the toughest off-road race in the world. Check out the 2020 KOH week.

English articles · 20. November 2019
If you are willing and if you have the chance to face a trip to America, the KOH is not so difficult to follow. If you share the expenses with friends it's even easier! Here are some tips from Paolo Baraldi, an expert on this American race, on how to organize your trip.
Articoli italiano · 20. November 2019
Se siete disposti e se avete la possibilità di affrontare un viaggio fino in America, la KOH non è poi così difficile da seguire. Se poi dividete le spese con degli amici è ancora più facile! Ecco alcuni consigli di Paolo Baraldi, esperto di questa gara americana, su come organizzare il viaggio.

English articles · 02. November 2019
A meeting, that with King of the Hammers, that has changed my life both personnel and professional. Since that February of 2011 a new world has been revealed to me and continues to fascinate and excite me.
Articoli italiano · 05. December 2018
Un incontro, quello con la King of the Hammers, che mi ha cambiato la vita sia personale che professionale. Da quel febbraio del 2011 mi si è svelato un nuovo mondo che mi continua ad affascinare ed emozionare.

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