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Ultra4 Europe: everything you need to know
English articles · 20. April 2023
Everyone knows everyting about King of the Hammers, its kings and how Ultra4 Racing was born. And what about Ultra4 Europe? Its kings and its champions? In this article I will try to tell you everything you need to know about Ultra4 Europe.
WSR 500 IFS V8, Nicolas Montador's new frontier
English articles · 15. April 2023
The Frenchman Nicolas Montador is not only an excellent driver but with his WSR Off Road he is also a talented builder of off-road vehicles in the Ultra4 style. At the Fenix Rally 2023 I was able to see his latest creation in the race: the WSR 500 IFS V8. In this article I will reveal all the secrets of this vehicle to you.

WSR 500 IFS V8, la nuova frontiera costruttiva di Nicolas Montador
Articoli italiano · 13. April 2023
Il francese Nicolas Montador non è solo un ottimo pilota ma con la sua WSR Off Road è anche un talentuoso costruttore di veicoli fuoristrada in stile Ultra4. Al Fenix Rally 2023 ho potuto vedere in gara la sua ultima creazione: il WSR 500 IFS V8. In questo articolo vi svelerò tutti i segreti di questo veicolo.
Ultra4 Europe, the 2023 Season is Ready to Kick Off
English articles · 05. April 2023
The 2023 Ultra4 Europe season is ready to start with lots of exciting news that will make this year unique and adrenaline-pumping. It's time to put the dates of the events on your calendar and prepare to have an exceptional time with the toughest and most extraordinary offroad races in Europe. For the first time, 9 races will take place in 2023, divided into three championships!

King of the Hammers 2023, storia dell'evento offroad più grande al mondo
Articoli italiano · 14. February 2023
Nata nel 2007 come una sfida tra 12 amici per vincere una cassa di birra, oggi la King of the Hammers é diventata non solo la gara offroad di un giorno più dura al mondo ma anche, grazie ai quasi mille iscritti, l'evento offroad più grande al mondo. Dalle moto ai performanti Ultra4 passando per i veloci Desert Truck, la King of the Hammers é un evento difficile da spiegare se almeno una volta nella tua vita non sei stato nel Lakebed. Raul Gomez conquista la sua seconda corona consecutiva.
2023 King of the Hammers, story of the most massive offroad motorsport event in the world
English articles · 14. February 2023
Born in 2007 as a challenge between 12 friends to win a case of beer, today the King of the Hammers has become not only the toughest one-day offroad race in the world but also, thanks to almost a thousand entrants, the largest offroad event big in the world. King of the Hammers is a difficult event to explain if you haven't been to the Lakebed at least once in your life. Raul Gomez captures his 2nd consecutive crown at the Nitto Race of Kings.

Alexander Kovatchev (RBI Sport) and Dave Cole (Hammerking Production) have written an important new chapter in the offroad history
English articles · 16. December 2022
RBI Sport with Rallye Breslau and Ultra4 have joined forces to write an important new chapter in the history of the international off-road. This first step that Alex Kovatchev and Dave Cole have taken together is the prelude to a more assiduous and fruitful collaboration that will produce an incredible game changer in the off-road world in the future. 2023 will see the first step of this collaboration with the Ultra4 teams (European and American) who will participate in the Rallye Breslau.
Grande successo per la King of France 2022
Articoli italiano · 14. June 2022
Per la seconda volta, il Centre Tout Terrain di Montalieu Vercieu (F) ha ospitato, dal 10 al 12 giugno, la King of France, gara del campionato Ultra4 Europe. L’evento è stato organizzato da Nicolas Montador, famoso pilota e costruttore di veicoli 4x4 francese, che ha saputo raccogliere il plauso di tutti i piloti di questa disciplina offroad. Si è trattato di un weekend avvincente ed adrenalinico che ha offerto un grande spettacolo. Il francese Nicolas Pareau ha vinto al suo esordio.

A great success archived for the King of France 2022
English articles · 14. June 2022
For the second time, , from 10 to 12 June, the Center Tout Terrain in Montalieu Vercieu (F) hosted the King of France, race of the Ultra4 Europe championship. The event was organized by Nicolas Montador, a famous French driver and 4x4 vehicles builder, who was able to garner the applause of all the drivers of this off-road discipline. It was an exciting and adrenaline-pumping weekend that offered a great show. Frenchman Nicolas Pareau won on his debut in the premier class 4400 Unlimited.
King of France and Ultra4 Europe 2022 championship
English articles · 27. May 2022
The Center Tout Terrain of Montalieu Vercieu (F) will host for the second time an Ultra4 Europe race. The French location, on the left side of the Rhone, is an perfect terrain for the Ultra4 rigs. The King of France will take place from June 10 to 12 in the Center Tout Terrain Vallée Bleue near Lyon.

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