Ultra4 Europe, introducing the event schedule for 2024

We are thrilled to present the Ultra4 Europe event schedule for the upcoming year. Get ready for some heart-pounding action and exhilarating races! These races will bring together the best teams from across Europe, all pushing their limits in off-road racing. Witness the power and skill of these drivers as they navigate challenging terrains and compete for the coveted titles. Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, these races are sure to deliver excitement and thrills. Don't miss your chance to witness the ultimate display of skill and determination as the teams battle it out for victory.

Photography and Story by Paolo Baraldi

ultra4 europe 2024

The season is going to be exciting for the drivers, the teams and also for the spectators. Get ready,  Ultra4 is coming!

ultra4 europe 2024
Jim Marsden, 2023 European Champion

2024 will be an epic race season with new location and exciting challenges

The European season is aimed not only at drivers who can go racing in different countries and take part in the whole season, but also at those who only wish to go and ride in part of the races. From North to South, from East to West, there is bound to be a race near you, take your seat in the 2024 Ultra4 Europe season.


- King of Germany: 2 - 4 May, Olszyna Motor Park - PL


The King of Germany will be the first race to kick off what will be an unforgettable season for Ultra4 Europe. The location of this race will be the famous Olszyna Motor Park in Poland.


Race Director Chris Bowler describes this event as follows: “Ultra4 Europe King of Germany 2024 may be actually being held in a magnificent venue in Poland, but as an event, it is very much a different approach to our style of racing and will be remembered at King of Germany!! For starters, we have two race courses in 2 venues which will bring a unique quality of team planning and preperation, together with the anticipation of new ground and terrain. A road drive to the first venue on the first day will bring a flavour of distance and appreciation of the local area. Secondly, King of Germany will be a short course style of event with Teams racing in class groups  initially over sprint distances, then working up to longer race sessions, testing the car and driver against not just the terrain but also the clock to get the desired lap counts. Finally King of Germany will embrace the qualities of European racing , different countries represented, enjoying out sport amongst friends  testing the capabilities of our amazing vehicles, in fantastic countryside and hopefully a beer and some sunshine to start the Ultra4Europe 2024 season!”


- King of France: 13 - 15 June, Chateau de Lastours - FR


The second race of 2024 will take place in the south-west of France at a famous location: Chateau de Lastours. The Chateau de Lastours tracks have hosted the prologues of the Paris Dakar for several years, it is precisely in these legendary lands that this race organized by Nicolas Montador and always with Chris Bowler as race director will take place; two names that are a guarantee in this sport!.

The land located a stone's throw from the Mediterranean near Portel des Corbières, extends over more than 800 hectares. The terrain is rocky with numerous valleys and very steep sections. It is in a mineral environment that the race will be able to take advantage with fast and technical tracks to offer you a fantastic route with a varied route between fast tracks and technical rocky areas.


Here is how Nicolas Montador describes his race: “King of France locked by ARB is looking like our Europe KOH. 95% of rocks! Anyway if it’s raining it will be without mud. The loop gonna to be a 20 km Baja style with about 8-9 extra loops technical style. On the top of the track, a 2 km straight line can brink your car to 200 km/h if you can and extra point of view on the Mediterranean Sea. Everything on site is available, great pits, hotel, restaurant, shower, toilet, tech building, and a huge screen to follow the race in the village. Probably 25 degres and sunshine”.


Due to its proximity to the Iberian peninsula, the King of France is part of the Norte X4 Ultra4 championship organized by José Rui Santos.


- King of Poland: 5 - 7 September, Olszyna Motor Park - PL


After the summer break, we will return to Poland for the third Ultra4 Europe race of this season. The location will still be the Olszyna Motor Park but rest assured that it will be a completely different race from the King of Germany and it is Chris Bowler himself who ensures this aspect: "Although Ultra4 Europe are using  the same site at Olszyna for both King of Germany and the King of Poland 24, the formats and the type of terrain will be very different. It is important to create a different and challenging event character and can be sure to say that these events will definitely have their own characters and challenges. The facilities at Olszyna are amazing, good clubhouse, rocks , tracks and in the end of summer, fast wide and flowing tracks. By maintaining a different event character of each event  these events will truly be different”.


- King of Portugal: 9 - 12 October, Vimioso – PT


King of Portugal will be the ultimate battle of this season.

The race will take place in the iconic location of  Vimioso, Portugal, organized by the Clube Nortex4, led by Jose Rui Santos.


The KOP is a test born from the attempt to conquer the hardness of the Vimioso tracks

Transmontane plateaus. It's more than a race, it's a test of dexterity, speed, calculation

and the intelligence of the drivers, associated with the resistance and quality of the vehicles.


The King of Portugal is certainly the most loved race by Ultra4 Europe teams and also by

the hardest and most demanding race of the Ultra4 Europe season.


The reasons for this success are certainly due to the characteristics of the area around Vimioso

which, with its fast tracks between valleys and mountains, extreme rocky natural spaces

and the longest route, make it the European Ultra4 race most similar to the King of the



In past 11 glorious years, the scepter of the King of Portugal has always been in the hands of

Portuguese drivers, except in 2014 and 2017 where two American drivers won the title: Levi

Shirley and Casey Currie. The Portuguese Emanel Costa is the driver to beat; he holds

the record for the most victories of the King of Portugal!


These reasons are certainly more than enough to be present to the King of Portugal, and

perhaps to dispel tradition and see a European, and not Portuguese, driver on the top step of the podium. 

ultra4 europe 2024

Which vehicles can participate? All Ultra4 Europe classes

Not just 4400 Unlimited to participate in Ultra4 Europe races!


The 4400 class is the original class that started the King of Hammers race. Year after year these rigs have evolved to become increasingly powerful and performing. For their important technological development, the 4400 are considered by many people as the “Formula 1” of 4x4.


That said, it is important to know that it is possible to participate in Ultra4 Europe competitions also with other types of vehicles.



These cars compete during the main King of The Hammers race on KOH Week. 4400 Drivers have to earn a spot to compete in King of The Hammers. These cars are not limited on tire size, engine or chassis design, other than to meet the safety requirements for the class. Unlimited cars must have a transfer case and be able to be driven in 4WD. These cars can be straight axle, or independent suspension (IFS - IRS). They are the ultimate and original design of the Ultra4 vehicle, capable of any terrain, any speed and no limits.


- 4600 STOCK

This class has been racing in Ultra4 since 2012. It is one of the 3 classes that races on KOH week during the 4WP Every Man Challenge. Currently, these cars do not have to qualify to race in the EMC race during KOH Week. At regional races, this class usually races with either the 4500 or 4800 cars.


The spirit of the stock vehicle is to allow OEM and aftermarket vendors the opportunity to showcase their products whilst providing a true driver's class experience that closely relates to street driven versions of the same vehicle. Fairly strick technical criteria makes sure that a Stock vehicle is competing in a level playing field of vehicles but still allows the driver to design his race car to the optimum for driving advantages whilst still being compliant within the rules.


Class Characteristics:

. Stock OEM frame

. Factory engine

. Factory transmission

. 35” DOT approved tires

. Single 2.5 inch diameter shocks per corner

. Mechanical steering



This class has been racing in Ultra4 since 2012. It is one of the 3 classes that races on KOH week during the \Every Man Challenge. At regional races, this class, if large enough, races on their own or can be on the track with the 4600, 4700 or 4800 cars. As a vehicle, the class allows for significant modification of a standard vehicle and in some cases can be as capable as a 4400 vehicle in the suspension, engine and performance.


Class Characteristics:

. Modified OEM chassis or OEM style chassis

. 2 -2.5 inch diameter shocks per corner

. Mechanical steering

. 37” DOT approved tires


- 4800 LEGEND

This class has been racing in Ultra4 since 2014. It is one of the 3 classes that races on KOH week during the 4WP Every Man Challenge. These cars do not have to qualify to race in the EMC race during KOH Week. This class has been one of the fastest growing classes in Ultra4 as older Ultra4 cars can enter this class as long as they meet the requirements. The vehicles follow the tradition or original technical format for the Utra4 vehicles that were racing in the beginning!


Class Characteristics:

. Front mounted engines only

. Vehicle must contain 2 seats side by side

. Single shock per corner

. Max 37” DOT non-sticky tires

. Only solid axles allowed (not IFS or TTB)


- 4900 UTV

Utility Terrain Vehicles or UTV are by far the fastest growing class in Ultra4, light, fast, super nimble vehicles, this class has grown in popularity as the vehicles are easier to transport, own and maintain. Vehicle is defined as a standard production based "side by side" with powersports based belt driven drivetrain.


This class is growing as the variety of vehicle designs increases - it already has sub classes in Ultra4 which cater for the increase in engine sizes available, typically 800cc and 1000cc turbo and non turbo but with the newer 2000cc vehicles coming in, the sub classes will allow vehicles to compete at similar levels.



The newest and very much the European class within the Ultra4 Classes, this class is only now in its third year of running and still being evolved. It was originally introduced as a class to entice Teams to take part in Ultra4 events, had a winch challenge capable vehicle and wanted to come and play. Vehicles that enter in Winch Rally Raid class are very capable vehicles, in their own right, full challenge spec, not always the fastest of vehicles, often diesel powered but a competitive vehicle none the less. This class gives them a more level competitive playing field whilst still getting the full effect of Ultra4 events.


WRR courses include terrain that requires a different mindset to traverse and this adds to the overall flavour of Ultra4 racing. Typically, WRR would be more at home doing the Rally Breslau Extreme class but competing with Ultra4, gives a totally different view of the speed aspects of offroad unlimited racing. Teams have made the transition from WRR to 4400 or 4800 class, altering their vehicles to fit the technical requirement for these classes, proving the diverse nature of offroad competition vehicles.



At the King of Germany, and also valid for the King of Poland, an important innovation is introduced which will broaden the range of those who can participate in these two Ultra4 Europe races. We are talking about the new class of vehicles called Trophy.


The aim and purpose of the Trophy Class is to allow drivers and teams the opportunity to enter the wonderful world that is Ultra4 Europe, thus competing at a higher and more international level with vehicles commonly raced in national and internationl trophy and trial events.  These vehicles can participate in the Trophy Class for a total of three seasons/years, after which the vehicle will have to evolve to adapt to one of the official Ultra4 classes (4400 Unlimited, 4500 Modified, 4600 Stock or 4800 Legends) thus having the possibility of qualify for King of Hammers.


Vehicle mass shall at no point exceed 3.500 kg and basically they must respect the safety standards imposed by Ultra4 Europe.

ultra4 europe 2024

About Ultra4 Europe

In 2009 videos, pictures and stories from King of the Hammers started to arriving in Europe and immediately a large number of European off-road enthusiasts was in love for this kind of race. In the following years many drivers from Europe went to compete at KOH.


2012 was the year of the first Ultra4 race in Europe; the race took place in Wales and was called King of Valleys. For 2 years the King of Valleys represented Ultra4 in Europe.


In 2013, King of Portugal was added and in 2014 Ultra4 Europe was born with its championship composed of 3 races: King of the Mountains (IT), King of Valleys (UK) and King of Portugal (P).


Today, Ultra4 Europe is a huge reality in the European off-road world. Every year there is a championship and even if the race course is different from that in the Johnson Valley, Ultra4 Europe, it offers to its drivers very difficult and demanding terrain.


Due to the diversity of the competition terrain (rocks, mud, water, forests and dusty-fast tracks) it can be said that the Ultra4 Europe races are one of the most complete in Europe. As for King of the Hammers, the categories of Ultra4 Europe are: 4400 Unlimited, 4800 Legend, 4600 Stock, 4500 Modified and 4900 UTV. In addiction in Europe there is also the Winch Rally Raid class.


Official websites: www.ultra4europe.com

About Hammerking and King of the Hammers

The founders of Hammerking are the force that founded the National race series, Ultra4 Racing, and the toughest week of one-day, off-road races in the world, King of The Hammers. This amazing event takes place at the beginning of the year, on public lands in Johnson Valley, California.


The race has evolved from 12 teams racing for bragging rights and a case of beer, to more than 1000 team entries competing in front of more than 80,000 fans in person and 2 million viewers online. Due to the incredible success of King of the Hammers, Hammerking Productions created the Ultra4Racing Series, which has grown internationally. Each National Ultra4 series race is a qualifier for the King of the Hammers race for the upcoming year.


Hammerking was the establishing series of the Unlimited class, as we know them, the Ultra4 or 4400 race car. The defining characteristics of this class are the sturdy 4-wheel drive and unlimited builds. These cars come in all shapes and sizes, are capable of speeds over 100+ mph and contain gear ratios as low as 100 to 1 for technical rock crawling. Additional classes in Ultra 4 include the: Every Man’s Challenge which encompasses 4600 Stock, 4500 Modified and 4800 Legend’s cars. The fastest growing class is the 4900 UTV class and newest is the Electric Vehicle (EV) class. Motos and a Rock Bouncer’s Shootout are also held at KOH.


Ultra4 series drivers can showcase their unique capabilities, whether the driver has dreams of building a racecar in their garage during free time, or with factory-backed support. The series challenges drivers to compete in a wide variety of terrain from endurance desert racing, competition-style rock crawls, short course racing and more.


Currently Ultra4 has races in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. These races take place on both public lands and on private property around the world. Hammerking Productions has produced eight, full-length feature films chronicling King of the Hammers races, as well as the KOH live show yearly with all production in-house. These award-winning movies have helped shine a spotlight on the racing discipline around the world.


Official websites: www.kingofthehammers.com