Total Chaos fully involved in Rebelle Rally

“Total Chaos Fabrication builds what I believe is the best aftermarket suspension components available and is woman owned” - Emily Miller. Total Chaos is fully involved in the Rebelle Rally both as event partner and in the competition with 5 teams whose cars are modified with its products. Let's find out the details of this interesting story.

Photography and story by Paolo Baraldi

total chaos rebelle rally

Emily Miller, Rebelle Rally founder, carefully chooses the partners of her event. Emily is the first to believe in the products of its sponsors and the same companies fully support the philosophy of the Rebelle Rally.

Total Chaos partner of the Rebelle Rally

Total Chaos, since the first edition, supports the Rebelle Rally and is at the side of Emily Miller before, during and after the event. It is in fact from Total Chaos the Lexus GX470, called Princess, that Emily uses for scouting and during the competition.

total chaos rebelle rally
Emily Miller with the Total Chaos Princess

Total Chaos Princess specifications:

2009 Lexus GX470


Front Suspension:


- TOTAL CHAOS Stock Length Expedition Series LCA's

- KING 3.0" Internal Bypass Extended Travel Coilovers with Compression Adjusters

- TOTAL CHAOS Weld-on Spindle Gussets w/ Swaybar


Rear Suspension/Axle:

- TOTAL CHAOS Chromoly Adjustable Rear Links

- TOTAL CHAOS Lower Link Skids

- KING 3.0" 2-Tube External Bypass Shocks

- TOTAL CHAOS Weld-on Rear Bump Stop Mounts - KING 2.0" Adjustable Bumpstops

- Metaltech 4x4 Coilspring Conversion Kit

- RADFLO 2" Coilsprings



- Kenwood TM-281A Race Radio

- Rear Cargo Area Spare Tire Mount



- TC Bumper Trim and Custom Skidplate

- Frontrunner Slimline Roofrack

- Frontrunner 2.0M Awning

- Maxtrax MKII Recovery Boards

- Baja Designs 40" Onyx 6 Lightbar

- Baja Designs S2 Amber and Area Lighting



- TRD Forged Offroad Wheels

- BF Goodrich A/T KO2 34x10.50R17

Welcome to Total Chaos

“Total Chaos Fabrication builds what I believe is the best aftermarket suspension components available and is woman owned”. Emily Miller tells me and she continues: “TC has been building the most reliable, comfortable, performance parts. Known for exceptional customer service, innovation, and premium products. When on the Rebelle course, you will find team TC behind the scenes – an integral part of making the rally come to life.”


Nicole Pitell-Vaughan with her husband Matt Vaughan is the owner of Total Chaos Fabrication. “I call myself the CHAOS”, Nicole tells me, “and I call Matt TOTAL. We are a great team and we complement each other, Matt is a talented builder, and he gives me a great balance. He deserves a medal!”

total chaos rebelle rally
From left: Nicole Pitell-Vaughan with her husband Matt Vaughan

“For over 25 years we have been affiliated in the sport of off road participating as racers, chasers, spectators, weekend warriors, customers and a manufacturer. Over these years we have seen the industry progress with products and designs along with components and technology. Our commitment to customer service and building the highest quality bolt-on Toyota suspension systems and accessories has escalated Total Chaos to a level of global racing recognition. TC parts are currently adventuring and exploring off road trails and rally racing on every continent excluding Antarctica.


The fabrication specialists at Total Chaos pride themselves on manufacturing only the highest quality hand crafted parts. Team TC is dedicated to constant innovation. Several of our concepts have been industry breakthroughs, and our designs can be seen imitated by several other manufacturers.


Total Chaos suspension systems and accessories along with their components that we supply are backed by integrity through our chosen list of vendors and authorized distributors we do business with. We know as a customer the reliability and dependability of your parts determines your enjoyment on the trail. Whether it's off road adventure expeditions, pre-running, racing, rock crawling, or just taking a trip with the family, "happy trails"...and we will see you in the dirt!” - Team TC

The most performing Total Chaos vehicles at service of the media crew

During the Rebelle Rally, Nicole and her team are present to support the staff and the media crew. Thanks to Total Chaos' high-performance vehicles, it is easy for the media, especially in the Glamis dunes, to follow the racing vehicles. This year Nicole drove the Morocco Taco while Miki Allen the Scrambled Egg allowing photographers and videographers to shoot amazing images.

total chaos rebelle rally
Morocco Taco

Morocco Taco specifications:

2014 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4WD


Front Suspension:

- TOTAL CHAOS +2” Expedition Series Long Travel Kit

- TOTAL CHAOS 4340 Axleshafts

- TOTAL CHAOS Secondary Shock Hoops

- TOTAL CHAOS Heavy Duty Spindle Gussets

- TOTAL CHAOS Alignment Cam Tab Gussets

- King-TC LT Specific 2.5” Coilover Shocks

- King-TC LT Specific 2.5” External Bypass Shocks w/ Quick Adjust Knobs


Rear Suspension/Axle:

- DMZ Fab & Race Prep SUA Kit

- Deaver SUA Leafsprings

- King 2.5” x 14” External Bypass Shocks w/ Quick Adjust Knobs

- Custom TOTAL CHAOS Under the Bed Shock Hoops

- TOTAL CHAOS Bolt-on Rear Bumpstop Mounting Kit

- King 2.0” Hydraulic Bumpstops

- 1.50" Synergy wheel spacers

- TOTAL CHAOS +2” Long Travel Swaybar



- Glassworks Unlimited Fiberglass Front Fenders

- TOTAL CHAOS Custom Fiberglass Bumper Pods

- Glassworks Unlimited Rear Bedsides

- Paint by Mike Callaway



- TRD Wheels 16”x8”

- BF Goodrich A/T KO2 315/75R16


Other Equipment:

- TRD 4.0L Supercharger

- K&N Custom FilterCharger - Custom TOTAL CHAOS Front Bumper/Skidplate

- Warn Winch

- Baja Designs Squadron XL’s on electric actuator

- Baja Designs LED Work Lights, Dust Lights, Dome Lights

- Custom TOTAL CHAOS Rear Bumper

- Synergy Sit, Shower, Shave Kit

- Custom TOTAL CHAOS Aluminum Fresh Water Tank

total chaos rebelle rally
Scrambled Egg

Scrambled Egg specifications:

2013 Tundra 4x4 Platinum Crewmax


Front Suspension:

- Total Chaos 4WD Long Travel System

- 2.5" Fox Coilover Shocks

- 2.5" Fox External Bypass Shocks

- 4340 Axleshafts


Rear Suspension/Axle:

- Total Chaos Rear Long Travel Spring Under Axle Suspension

- 3.0" Fox External Bypass Shocks

- 2.5" Fox Bumpstops



- Toyota 5.7L 3UR-FE V8

- K&N FIPK Intake System



- Heated & A/C Leather Seats

- Back Up Camera & Sun Roof

- Icom V-8000 Race Radio



- Glassworks Fiberglass Fenders

- Glassworks Fiberglass Bedsides

- Custom Paint by Streight Edge Designs

- TC Custom Built Bumpers, Skidplate and Spare Tire Rack

- Baja Designs stealth LED Lightbar, Squadron LED Fog Lights and (3) Lapaz HID Lights

- Grillcraft Grill w/ Toyota Emblem

- Yeti Tundra Cooler and Plano Workbox in Custom Mounts

- Baja Designs SII Rear Facing Amber and Work Lights

- Rotopax Gas Cans in Custom Mount

- Hidden Retractable Bedstep

- Wolf Liner



- TRD Forged Beadlock Offroad Wheels

- BF Goodrich A/T KO2 37x12.50R17


Another excellent Rebelle Rally TC media driver is Mark Naugle. Mark has been involved in off-roading since 1983. Since 1995 he has working with Total Chaos Fabrication doing testing and marketing of their products. He also works as a tour guide in Baja, does radio relay for VORRA offroad races and spends time exploring the deserts and mountains of the south west. This is Mark’s third year on the staff of the Rebelle Rally.

total chaos rebelle rally
Silver Bullet

Total Chaos Silver Bullet specifications:

2003 Toyota Tacoma 4 door. 3.4 liter v6 4x4


Front suspension

- TOTAL CHAOS fabrication boxed lower 3.5” long travel suspension

- Fox 2.5 coil over shocks

- Fox 2.5 double bypass shocks


Rear Suspension

- 2.5” Fox 16” travel smooth body shocks

- 64” Deaver leaf springs



- Baja Designs 20” OnX6 light bar

- Baja Designs 10” Onx6 light bar

- Baja Designs XL sport pod lights

- Baja Designs S2 rear collision avoidance light

- Baja Designs S2 reverse light



- Icom Dual Band 2 way radio

- Avcomm 2 place intercom

- Lowrance GM 3500 GPS

- Full roll cage

- Mastercraft Original seats

- Impact 5 point Cam Lock safety harness.

- Fiberwerx body panels



- Custom from bumper with aluminum skid plate

- Custom rear bumper

- 32 gallon Harmon Racing fuel cell.



- American Racing Outlaw II

- BF Goodrich KO2 285/75R16

Rebelle Rally: Total Chaos protagonist in the race

Total Chaos's participation in the Rebelle Rally certainly does not end as a partner. From behind the scenes, TC becomes the protagonist of the competition with 5 teams that have equipped their vehicles with the products created by Nicole Pitell-Vaughan and Matt Vaughan.


Here we go to know more about these 5 teams and their cars.

#154 – Team Roads Less Traveled - Tiffany Walker & Rori Lewis – 4th in the 4x4 class

total chaos rebelle rally

Rori Lewis is the navigator for Team RLT (Roads Less Traveled). A California native and avid animal lover, Rori works during the week assisting the crew at Total Chaos Fabrication. When she has time to play, Rori loves spending the weekend exploring all the great outdoors has to offer with her (incredibly supportive) husband Erik and their dogs Irie and Body. Rori, now 33 and heading into her 3rd Rebelle Rally, is ready to apply her precise navigation skills to a new route and new challenges. The Rally offers Rori, an off-roading veteran, continued opportunity of being a true navigator and using her determination with no technology to get her and her partner, Tiffany, across 1,800 miles of dirt roads, sand dunes, and open desert. However, it has been the life impact Rori most appreciates through her experiences the last two years. “I’m ready to apply what I’ve learned from the prior rallies and perform even better this year! Also, it will be exciting to see many of the returning faces and meet the new amazing women who will be taking the same journey I am.” Tiffany Walker, the driver for Team Roads Less Traveled, is originally from Topeka, KS, but she now makes her home at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO. When she’s not advocating for children in poverty at Compassion International, she’s spending time off-roading in the Rockies with her husband and dogs. A lover of the outdoors and eager to lean into adventure, Tiffany sees the Rebelle Rally as the chance to continue to challenge herself and discover what she is really made of in this 50th year of her life. Tiffany wants to use her participation in the Rebelle Rally to encourage other women to push themselves and not be afraid to try something out of the ordinary. “Rori and I surprised ourselves the first year by placing higher than we had hoped. We were the only rookie team to land in the Top 10 that year – finishing 7th! The second year was our Sophomore Slump. We faced unanticipated difficulties and likely went in with unrealistic expectations. This year, we will continue to push ourselves but have promised each other not to lose sight of the journey we will be taking together.” The challenges and chances for adventure are what make driver Tiffany Walker and her navigator, Rori Lewis, such well-matched team.

Vehicle: 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser with Total Chaos 86222-E 2” Expedition Series L/T kit 



Team sponsors:

Total Chaos Fabrication

Creative Consortium

RCI Offroad

#148 – Team Waypoint Wanderers - Anna Lewis & Andrea Shaffer – 10th in the 4x4 class

total chaos rebelle rally

“We officially met during tech at the 2017 Rebelle Rally. Our paths kept crossing throughout the rally that year, but didn’t really start talking until we were both stalking the 2018 Rebelle from home. Many hours of talking later, we decided to team up together for 2019! It ended up being a terrific match, both being Toyota girls and Andrea really enjoying the navigation side of the Rally, and Anna loving the driving portion.”

Vehicle: 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser with Total Chaos 86002 2” Race Series L/T Kit 



Team sponsors:

Total Chaos Fabrication

Lifetime LED Lights

Metal-Tech 4×4

Step 22 Gear

Prinsu Design Studios

Nitro Gear & Axle

Rugged Bound Supply Company

#182 – Team Locos Mocos Rebelles - Laura Hardesty & Erica Sacks – 22nd in the 4x4 class

total chaos rebelle rally

After first being introduced by fellow Rebelle, Emme Hall, at the 2018, ORMHOF (Off Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame) Awards Ceremony, months went by without Laura Hardesty or Erica Sacks giving a second thought to one another. Fast forward to late June of this year… While reminiscing about last years Rebelle Rally with her husband, and with a lot of encouragement from him, Laura sent Erica a message inquiring if she knew any navigators that might be interested in participating in the 2019 Rebelle Rally. Thinking she may get a good recommendation; Laura was shocked when Erica responded almost immediately that she might be interested. After a few longer conversations, Laura and Erica both signed on to compete together as this years Locos Mocos Rebelles team. The team has now had several meetings for a fundraiser BBQ and a long weekend of training, and things couldn’t be better! Lots of good talks and long laughs have followed, this team is ready to put in the work, with lots more good times ahead!

Vehicle: 2004 Toyota Tacoma with Total Chaos 96500 UCA 



Team Sponsors:


Total Chaos Fabrication

Off Road Tire Guy


AO Coolers

Ace Hardware Step 22 Gear

Prinsu Design Studios

Nitro Gear & Axle

Rugged Bound Supply Company

#105 – Team Mile High Spirit Rebelles - Anna Loy & Chris Cole – 24th in the 4x4 class

total chaos rebelle rally

“We met through the Colorado FJ Cruisers Facebook page, on line. Anna knew that Chris would be at the Overland Expo West event in AZ in 2018 and asked if we could meet because she was going to be there too. When we met, we knew instantly that our love for our FJ Cruiser trucks would bring us together and take us on many journeys together! Little did Chris know that in July of 2018 that Anna had something up her sleeve…Anna wanted to Chris to join her in the Rebelle Rally and be her Navigator! Chris had no idea what she was in for…but, said Yes! and that is where our story and friendship begins! As we embark on this journey we hope to take our love for 4wheeling and the great outdoors to new heights as we make new memories in our lives and go on this adventure!”

Vehicle: 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser with Total Chaos 96504 / 86500-R 




Team Sponsors:

Toytec Lifts

RCI Offroad

Total Chaos

Colorado FJ Cruisers

Juniper Overland

Rogue Offroad

Phil Swanson Patches/Designs

Hefty Fabworks

Cliks Auto Detailing

KD Kanopy and Printing

#138 – Team DMOS Goal Diggers - Susan Pieper & Ashley Lee – 26th in the 4x4 class

total chaos rebelle rally

This is the third Rebelle Rally for Ashley and the second for Susan. They work together on pavement (Ashley does trade show sales for Susan’s company, DMOS) and now on dirt. They share a passion for adventure and fun and, while Susan will be the principal driver and Ashley the principal navigator, they plan to share roles.

Vehicle: 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro with Total Chaos 96504 UCA 



Team sponsors:

DMOS Collective, Makers of Pro Shovel Tools

Expedition One

Total Chaos Fabrication

Cruiser Outfitters


159 North maple street – unit #J

Corona, CA 92880


Phone: +1 951.737.9682

Web: www.chaosfab.com

Mail: info@chaosfab.com

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