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Rebelle Rally, il futuro è adesso! Eelectrified Designation e sostenibilità dei campi base
Articoli italiano · 26. October 2022
L'edizione 2020, nel 5° anniversario del Rebelle Rally, ha lanciato l’Eelectrified Designation. I veicoli EV e PHEV hanno gareggiato nelle rispettive classi 4×4 o X-Cross. Oggi questi veicoli sono una realtà importante della competizione. Renewable Innovations oltre a prendersi cura della ricarica dei veicoli EV e PHEV, fornisce anche la sostenibilità dei campi base alimentati dall'energia solare.
Rebelle Rally, the future is now! Eelectrified Designation and sustainability of base camps
English articles · 26. October 2022
The 2020 5th Anniversary Edition of the Rebelle Rally launched the Electrified Designation. EV and PHEV vehicles competed in their respective 4×4 or X-Cross class. Today these vehicles are an important reality of the competition. Renewable Innovations in addition to taking care of the charging of EV and PHEV vehicles, also provide the sustainability of the base camps that are powered by solar energy.

Rebelle Rally 2022, a competition that can change your life
English articles · 18. October 2022
The seventh edition of Rebelle Rally toke place from 6th to 16th October 2022. Rebelle Rally is a competition, a journey and an inner voyage that changes the lives of the ladies who participate in it. From Nevada to California, from Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, to the Imperial Sand Dunes in Glamis. 2580 km through the most iconic and beauty places in the American west. Nena Barlow and Teralin Petereit won the 4x4 Class and Christine Benzie and Melissa Clark won the X-Cross Class.
Rebelle Rally 2022, una competizione che ti cambia la vita
Articoli italiano · 18. October 2022
La settima edizione del Rebelle Rally si è svolta dal 6 al 16 ottobre 2022. Il Rebelle Rally è una competizione, un viaggio ed un viaggio interiore che cambia la vita delle ladies che vi partecipano. Dal Nevada alla California, da Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, alle Imperial Sand Dunes di Glamis, 2580 km attraverso i luoghi più iconici e belli dell'ovest americano. Nena Barlow e Teralin Petereit hanno vinto la Classe 4x4 e Christine Benzie e Melissa Clark nella X-Cross Class.

English articles · 19. November 2019
The fifth edition of Rebelle Rally will take place from 8 to 17 October 2020. Rebelle Rally is a race, a journey and an inner voyage that can change your life.
English articles · 28. October 2019
“Total Chaos Fabrication builds what I believe is the best aftermarket suspension components available and is woman owned” - Emily Miller. Total Chaos is fully involved in the Rebelle Rally both as event partner and in the competition with 5 teams whose cars are modified with its products. Let's find out the details of this interesting story.

Articoli italiano · 24. October 2019
Una gara, un viaggio ed un percorso interiore. Il Rebelle Rally per la sua quarta edizione ha messo ancora una volta alla prova i 38 equipaggi femminili che hanno percorso, con il solo ausilio di mappe e bussola, 2300 km attraverso i più bei luoghi del west americano.
English articles · 24. October 2019
A race, a journey and an inner voyage. The Rebelle Rally for its fourth edition once again tested the 38 female crews who traveled, with the only help of maps and compass, 2300 km through the most beautiful places in the American west.

English articles · 12. April 2019
Emily Miller, founder of Rebelle Rally, returned to Morocco after a few years to participate in the Carta Rallye. Along with Lilly Macaruso, Emily showed all his qualities of driver triumphed in this new experience. This victory goes to enrich the long and prestigious palmares of Emily Miller.
English articles · 04. October 2018
In a few days the third edition of the Rebelle Rally begins. The ladies will meet near Lake Tahoe, CA to cross the deserts of Nevada and California and then celebrate the end of the event in San Diego. Also this year we will be there to follow live the Rebelle Rally 2018.

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