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Ultra4 Europe, introducing the event schedule for 2024
English articles · 04. December 2023
We are thrilled to present the 2024 Ultra4 Europe events schedule. Get ready for some heart-pounding action and exhilarating races! These races will bring together the best teams from across Europe, all pushing their limits in off-road racing. Witness the power and skill of these drivers as they navigate challenging terrains and compete for the coveted titles.
Ultra4 Europe, the 2023 Season is Ready to Kick Off
English articles · 05. April 2023
The 2023 Ultra4 Europe season is ready to start with lots of exciting news that will make this year unique and adrenaline-pumping. It's time to put the dates of the events on your calendar and prepare to have an exceptional time with the toughest and most extraordinary offroad races in Europe. For the first time, 9 races will take place in 2023, divided into three championships!

Articoli italiano · 05. December 2019
Il primo amore non si scorda mai e quando trovo un bel Suzukino non riesco a resistere alla tentazione di fotografarlo e parlarvene. Nel 2018 il team Nordhigiene ha vinto la King of Portugal con questo Suzuki che oltre ad essere bello è molto performante.
English articles · 02. November 2019
A meeting, that with King of the Hammers, that has changed my life both personnel and professional. Since that February of 2011 a new world has been revealed to me and continues to fascinate and excite me.

English articles · 24. September 2019
After three races (Spain, France and Wales), the BF Goodrich King of Poland will award the 2019 title of the Ultra4 Europe championship. Looking at the overall ranking, the battle for the title seems to be between the United Kingdom and France. After the Polish race, the selection of the drivers admitted to the Road to Hammers will be made official.
English articles · 17. September 2019
Why me? David Robson's answer that he gave me when I asked him to do this interview. A few modest words which perfectly portray one of the Ultra4 Europe pillars. In this article we will know not only find out the Robson representative of U4E but also the man David.

English articles · 27. August 2019
From 4 to 7 September 2019, Vimioso (P) will host the seventh edition of the King of Portugal. Its fast tracks and the dreaded Dinosaur Eggs are a guarantee of an absolute spectacle. The BF Goodrich King of Portugal, the penultimate race of the 2019 Ultra4 Europe championship, will award important points to designate the 2019 European champion.
English articles · 13. August 2019
Cedric Porcher and Noel Herve, MudRacer team, began their adventure in the Ultra4 Europe races just last year and in a short time as rookie of this discipline they became protagonists fighting on equal terms with the top drivers of Ultra4 Europe. This year, after three races, they are second in the championship ranking.

Articoli italiano · 03. August 2019
Per la sua terza gara del 2019, Ultra4 Europe è ritornata la dove tutto è iniziato: la Walters Arena. Jim Marsden ha vinto la BF Goodrich King of Britain ed è leader nella classifica del campionato 2019. Dopo tre gare facciamo il punto della situazione sulla stagione 2019 di Ultra4 Europe.
English articles · 03. August 2019
For its third race of 2019, Ultra4 Europe is back where it all started: the Walters Arena. Jim Marsden won the BF Goodrich King of Britain and is a leader in the 2019 championship standings. After three races, here is the point of the Ultra4 Europe 2019 season.

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