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English articles · 21. September 2020
On Tuesday September 15, almost 250 teams from at least 20 nationalities will start for the Rallye Breslau Poland. Five days, with roadbooks through the forests and across the fields and moorland - an adventure that has its roots in the previous century and has been in Poland for over 25 years. There is no summer without the Rallye Breslau in this region, and luckily this year is no exception. Jim Marsden won in the Extreme car category while Frank Stensky won in the Cross Country car category.
English articles · 12. August 2020
When it seemed like 2020 was a sabbatical year for Jim Marsden as he didn't have a racing car, fate reserved an unexpected opportunity for him. His old race car was for sale and he didn't miss the opportunity to bring it home. Like a "bad penny" that you always find in your hands even when you don't expect it, Jim Marsden has renewed its "new old" Defender to participate, dominate and win the BF Goodrich King of Britain.

Articoli italiano · 11. August 2020
Quando sembrava che per Jim Marsden il 2020 fosse un anno sabbatico in quanto sprovvisto di macchina da gara, il destino gli ha riservato una inaspettata opportunità. La sua vecchia macchina da gara era in vendita e non si è fatto perdere l’occasione di riportarsela a casa. Come un “bad penny” che ti ritrovi sempre tra le mani anche quando non te lo aspetti, Jim Marsden ha rimesso a nuovo la sua “nuova vecchia” Defender per partecipare, dominare e vincere la BF Goodrich King of Britain.
English articles · 06. August 2020
After the lockdown it was nice for everyone to be able to race again. Ultra4 Europe in full safety and with a health plan studied with the government of Wales has accomplished the unthinkable: it successfully organized the first international competition in the Covid 19 period. Jim Marsden for the second consecutive year wins the BF Goodrich King of Britain with a perfect race. Allen Sharp wins in the new Winch Challenge class.

Articoli italiano · 05. August 2020
Dopo il lockdown è stato per tutti bello poter tornare a correre. Ultra4 Europe in piena sicurezza e con un piano sanitario studiato con il governo del Galles ha compiuto l’impensabile: ha organizzato con successo la prima gara internazionale in periodo Covid 19. Jim Marsden per il secondo anno consecutivo vince la BF Goodrich King of Britain con una gara perfetta. Allen Sharp vince nella nuova classe Winch Challenge.
English articles · 04. May 2020
For 10 years the Ironman Warriors Challenge, also known as Xtreme France, has been the most prestigious extreme off-road event in Europe. Thanks to Gilles Girousse, between 2006 and 2015, spending the Easter weekend in France, in the remote village of Montmorin, was an exclusive pride only for the best European extreme off-road teams.

Articoli italiano · 04. May 2020
Per 10 anni l’Ironman Warriors Challenge, conosciuto anche come Xtreme France, ha rappresentato l’evento più prestigioso del fuoristrada estremo in Europa. Grazie a Gilles Girousse, tra il 2006 ed il 2015, passare il weekend pasquale in Francia, nello sperduto villaggio di Montmorin, è stato un vanto esclusivo appannaggio solo dei migliori teams europei di fuoristrada estremo.
English articles · 24. November 2019
BF Goodrich King of Poland closed the Ultra4 Europe 2019 season. Waiting for the King of the Hammers 2020, where three European teams will be competing, let's see how this year's championship ended and who are the champions in each category.

Articoli italiano · 24. November 2019
La BF Goodrich King of Poland ha chiuso la stagione 2019 di Ultra4 Europe. In attesa della King of the Hammers 2020, dove saranno in gara tre teams europei, vediamo come è andato a finire il campionato di quest’anno e chi sono i campioni di ogni categoria.
English articles · 05. November 2019
With the victory at BF Goodrich King of Poland, Jim Marsden was crowned 2019 Ultra4 Europe Champion. With this exclusive interview Marsden talks about this important result and how he lives the Ultra4 world.

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