Dinosaur Eggs

Among my many journeys to follow the off-road competitions, I have never come across a place with a "genius loci" and a character as strong as the hill of Dinosaur Eggs where the deeds of the participants at King of Portugal are protagonists.

Photos and text by Paolo Baraldi

Most likely millions of years ago the dinosaurs lived between the valleys of the Bragança district in Porgoallo. Huge animals moving around to look for food and protection for their depositing eggs to ensure a progeny. In Vimioso there is an enchanted place where it seems that time has stopped remembering us the past time.


Surely it is not fossilized dinosaur eggs, but the particular shape of the rocks and their huge size makes us to think we have arrived in a magical place that has left us to the past time to make even more epic the deeds of pilots participating in the King of Portugal.