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Fenix Rally 2023, la rivincita dell'estremo
Articoli italiano · 26. March 2023
Il Fenix Rally 2023 ha segnato una nuova pietra miliare nel mondo delle gare cross country con nuovi territori e nuove sfide. La rivincita degli Extreme è segnata da Tarvo Klassimae e Hardo Mere (dall'Estonia), due piloti estremi che hanno conquistato il primo e il secondo posto nella classe Car Open con i loro ben preparati veicoli dedicati alle gare di estremo.
Fenix Rally 2023, the Revenge of the Extreme
English articles · 26. March 2023
Fenix Rally 2023 marked a new milestone in the world of cross country races with new territories, new challenges and with 8 racing days for the third edition of the desert marathon in Tunisia. The extreme revenge is marked by Tarvo Klassimae and Hardo Mere (from Estonia), two extreme drivers who won first and second place in the Car Open class with their well-prepared hard trophy vehicles.

Porsche 911 4x4 Rally Raid: Dakarian nostalgia at the Fenix Rally
English articles · 13. April 2021
Let's discover the secrets of the Porsche 911 Rally raid 4x4, which evokes the legendary Paris-Dakar of the times of René Metge or Jacky Ickx, drived by the Italian Agostino Rizzardi who finished second in the Fenix Rally.
Porsche 911 4x4 Rally Raid: nostalgie dakariane al Fenix Rally
Articoli italiano · 29. March 2021
Scopriamo la storia ed i segreti tecnici della Porsche 911 rally raud 4x4, che rievoca le mitiche Parigi-Dakar dei tempi di René Metge o Jacky Ickx, dell’italiano Agostino Rizzardi che si è classificato secondo al Fenix Rally 2021.

English articles · 10. November 2020
If you haven't heard yet, the King of the Hammers week continues to grow as one of the premier Off Road Festivals and Race Weeks in the world! Ultra4 Racing has announced the KOH 2021 schedule with interesting news. The appointment is in Johnson Valley (CA) from January 28 to February 6, 2021.
Articoli italiano · 01. June 2020
Oggi, la King of the Hammers ha raggiunto un'enorme notorietà tra gli appassionati di fuoristrada di tutto il mondo. Ma chi conosce veramente come è nata la KOH?

English articles · 01. June 2020
The friends off-road battle for a case of beer, it's as much of a festival and celebration of all-things off-road as it is a race, despite races taking place, has transformed into a weeklong annual bash that brings upward of 50,000 people from all over the globe to gather in the California desert. Today, the King of the Hammers has achieved a huge reputation among all offroad enthusiasts. But who really knows how KOH was born?
English articles · 08. December 2019
In 2020 three Ultra4 Europe drivers will be protagonists in the Johnson Valley (CA) among the big names of Ultra4 Racing. For them participating in the King of the Hammers is a dream that become true and it is a hard challenge both from a logistical and a competitive point of view. In this article I present to you who are these three brave teams.

English articles · 22. November 2019
King Of The Hammers live streaming: backstage More than 2 million people watched the King of The Hammers 2019 live streaming. But what's behind all this? This is what I will explain in this article.
English articles · 20. November 2019
Every year in California, the first week of February is dedicated to the King of the Hammers: the toughest off-road race in the world. Check out the 2020 KOH week.

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