Let's take a sneak peek at some rigs that will be protagonists at BF Goodrich King of Spain Les Comes

The BF Goodrich King of Spain Les Comes will be the first race of the Ultra4 Europe 2019 championship. Before diving into the race we take a sneak peek at some cars that will be protagonists at Les Comes.

Photography and story by Paolo Baraldi

offroad lifestyle ultra4 europe 2019 king of spain burman

The first BF Goodrich King of Spain adds a fifth race to the BF Goodrich Ultra4 European Championship. From May 23rd to 25th the King of Spain will take place at Les Comes (Suria - Spain). Rocks, sand and sun will welcome drivers and spectators in a hotbed of racing fans.

BF Goodrich King of Spain at Les Comes

“Well it has been an extremely busy start to 2019. The King of the Hammers was the biggest and best yet. Whilst there we confirmed BF Goodrich Tires as our new title sponsor and we are really excited to see how the most well known name in off road motorsport helps us grow even more.


Part of that growth has seen adding another race to the European Championship, The King of Spain!

One of our race family Jesus Pato approached us with a proposition to race in North West Spain, we looked at this and agreed it was good. His tireless work building the foundations and making sure the first King of Spain was going to be fitting to the ideals we put to a King race, is a true testament to how our race family want to help grow the sport we all love. We have no words to explain the gratitude we feel towards Jesus for this. However like with all good plans obstacles can come and block this progress. Unfortunately this has happened which left us with no other option but to try and find another site.


We have been in contact with what has to be considered the number one site in Spain for over three years and finally the owners of Les Comes agreed that we could visit them and discuss the possibility of holding a race on this most famous of lands. The rest as they say is history. We have never been anywhere that is so organized and has tracks that are perfect for racing Ultra4 races on. It is truly an honour to be there. Days after we agreed the guys at Les Comes were holding their 4x4 festival. A truly epic event that sees over 1000 4x4 vehicles driving all over the land next to Dakar rally trucks, cars and also Ultra4 racers. It is great to work with people that have off roading in their blood and have an enthusiasm that boils over. This is why many of you have seen the flyer designed by the staff at Les Comes that was being handed out to the spectators at the festival. The sheer lack of time did not allow for the usual approval process to happen and we would sooner have the local people know about the first King of Spain than miss the opportunity. The real logo is here and follows along with all the other logos of the European King races we run. It also gives a strong image for a race we feel can become the number 1 in Spain.”   Richard Crossland - Ultra4 Europe

The best european rigs competing at the BF Goodrich King of Spain Les Comes

At the King of Spain will compete the best drivers and the best cars from all over Europe. Before being immersed in the adrenaline of the race, let's take a few minutes to take a look at some rigs that will surely be protagonists at Les Comes.



offroad lifestyle ultra4 europe nicolas montador wep racing wsr king of spain

Driver: Nicolas Montador

Co-Driver: Olivier Varet

Car: WSR 500

Race number: #34

Country: France


Nicolas Montador is fresh from the beautiful Californian experience at the King of the Hammers; for him it was a dream that became reality!


Nicolas is not born as an offroader. His professional story begins as a road car repairer and restorer. "Before becoming an offroader, I was working on asphalt sports cars. Last mine restoration was a Porsche 904GTS and an old Beetle with many Porsche parts under the bonnet; the Bettle was 3 seconds faster than a Carrera Cup on the Paul Ricard Circuit. Very cool car!" In those years, Montador also worked as a stuntman for Rémy Julienne; famous French stuntman, active from the mid-sixties until 2010.


The meeting between Nicolas Montador and offroad took place towards the end of the first decade of 2000 thanks to a friend.

Nicolas is one of the few European builders of Ultra4 vehicles. From his French atelier his tubes come to life from zero; everything starts with the design of the frame and then ends with the assembly and tests.


After knowing the story of Nicolas Montador, let's discover all the secrets of his WSR-500. It is a tubular prototype with a rear engine completely built in the French Nicolas atelier located in Marines. The heart of this car is a Chevrolet LS3 with 525 horsepower, with TH400 gearbox modified by ATD and Atlas transfer case. The 4-link suspensions are build with FOX coilover and bypass. This latest version of the WSR prototypes contains all the experience gained by Montador in recent years and is also the most beautiful and performing that Nicolas has ever built. Read the dedicated article

Nicolas Montador wep racing wsr ultra4 europe king of spain
Nicolas Montador



- Builder: WSR Offroad


- Model: WSR-500


- Frame: WSR-500


- Engine: Chevy LS3


- Horse power and torque: 525 hp and 650 n/m


- Gear box: TH400 by ATD


- Transfer case: Atlas


- Radiator: WSR


- Suspension: 4-link, coilover and baypas FOX


- Wheels and tires: BF Goodrich


- Light: VisionX


- Interior: seats OMP


- Winch: Goodwinch



gigglepin raging jim marsden ultra4 europe king of spain

Driver: Jim Marsden

Co-Driver: Helder Da Rocha

Car: Little Lady

Race number: #69

Country: United Kingdom - Portugal


Only a few drivers in Europe have won 6 titles in international competitions in just one year. Jim Marsden of Gigglepin Racing holds this envied record for the year 2018. In Europe, Jim Marsden is the most performing, multi-talented and winning offroad driver of these last decades. During his career there are numerous victories he has collected in the different off-road specialties. Jim, in 2013 was in race at King of the Hammers with his old race car.


Let's find out all the secrets of Jim’s car, which he calls with love “Little Lady”. The tubular frame is an Offender built by the English Offroad Armoury with a body similar to the Defender made in the Gigglepin Racing workshop. The engine of this prototype is a Chevrolet LSX 454 with 650 horsepower, with Spidertrax ProSeries axles. The coilover and bypass are by FOX. Read the dedicated article

jim marsden gigglepin racing ultra4 europe king of spain
Jim Marsden



- Frame: Offroad Armoury Offender


- Body: Gigglepin


- Engine: Chevrolet LSX 454 7.4litre


- Horse power & torque: 650 hp and 600 ft7lb


- Radiator ecc: Allisport rad and coolers


- Batteries: Odyssey PC1500


- Shaft axles: Spidertraxs


- Axles: Spidertrax ProSeries


- Inside axles: ARB 40 spline lockers


- Gearbox: Alders 4L80E


- Transfer case: Atlas 2 speed race case


- Propshafts: Bailey Morris


- Suspension: 4-link with coilover and bypass by FOX


- Rod ends and suspension joints: FK rod ends


- Wheels and tyres: Maxxis Trepador tyres and Raceline wheels


- Winch: Gigglepin GP100 on the front and Gigglepin GP80 on the rear


- Lights: Lazer


- Seats: Tillett racing seats


- Harness: Corbeau custom


- Fuel cell: Allisport


- Swaybar: Pac racing springs


- Front axle knuckle joints: Yukon gear and axle


- Clean products: Duck smart


- Brakes: D&G tuning (calipers) Wilwood (master cylinders and discs) EBC (kick ass brake pads)


- Steering: D&G Pro ram and PSC CBR pump


- Oils and fluids: Morris lubricants


- Winch ropes: Gigglepin SuperRope


- Frame coatings: Raptor bed liner


- Recovery equipment: Damar webbing products



rob butler offroad armoury ultra4 europe king of spain

Driver: Rob Butler

Car: Eurofighter IFS Single Seater

Race number: #187

Country: United Kingdom


The name Butler, Rob Butler, is certainly not unknown to the many European fans who follow the Ultra4 Europe championships. Butler, as well as being a good and determined pilot and he is also an excellent builder of those tubular prototypes known as Ultra4. in 2016, Rob Butler participated and finished in California at the King of the Hammers driving his Eurofighter.


For the season 2017 Rob Butler wanted to try a new adventure: to make, first in Europe, an Ultra4 IFS Single Seater rig. After 8 months of hard work, Rob Butler made his debut at the King of France 2017. The tube structure of this vehicle is made of Cromoly 4130 and T45 steel tubes for a total weight of 2000 kg. The track is 90 inches, against the 88 of the other Ultra4, while the 114-inch wheelbase is in line with the standard of these prototypes. The body panels are made of aluminum and the flat bottom in HDPE (high density polyethylene). All this allowed to obtain a aggressive line with a very low center of gravity. For this single seater, Rob Butler decided to use a rear-mounted 6200 Chevrolet LS3 engine with GM Performance control unit that allows 540 hp. Read the dedicated article

rob butler offroad armoury ultra4 europe king of spain
Rob Butler



- Builder: Offroad Armoury


- Model: 2016 Eurofighter


- Frame: IFS Single Seater


- Engine: 6200cc Chevrolet LS3 with GM Performance ECU


- Horse power and torque: 540 hp and 560 ft/lb


- Exhaust: 8 in 2 in 1 in 2 by ORA


- Gear box: Off Road Armoury 4L80E


- Transfer case: Worth Worth HERO 2.0


- Radiator: Customized Allisport radiator equipped with custom high flow fans


- Off Road Armoury IFS with RCV series 30 joints and ARB RD99CE differential locker. The hydraulic steering system is from Howe Trophy Truck.


- The rear axle is a Spidertrax 4" Pro with differential spool, all at right to align with gearbox and transfer case. 4-link suspension


- Brakes: 6-piston D&G


- Shocks absorber: 3" King Shocks bypass and 2.5" coilover for each wheel


- Wheels and tires: 17-inch Trail Gear Creaper with Maxxis Trepador 40x13.50R17 tires


- Body: aluminium with ORA quarter turn fasteners


- Fuel tank: 36 liter from Pyrotect


- Light: LED lights by Lazer


- Interior: Racepak IQ3


- Winch: Gigglepin GP100



pier acerni ace racing ultra4 europe king of spain

Driver: Pier Acerni

Co-Driver: Nicola Bondi

Car: Scarlett

Race number: #79

Country: Italy


ACE Racing born in the Motor Valley of Parma, the life of Acerni could only be dedicated to engines and competitions. In particular, the love for 4x4 and the Jeep brand can be traced back to the post-war era when Tonino Acerni came into possession of a Willys Jeep left by the Americans in the surrounding countryside in Varano de Melegari. The passion and art were handed down by Tonino to his son Pier who naturally followed in his father’s footsteps. After winning King of the Valleys in the UK lead to the dream of racing in the United States at the prestigious 2013 King of the Hammers with a 4x4 made entirely in Italy: the “Black Jaws”.


Now, Scarlett is the new rig of Ace Racing. This is a real Ultra4 style 4x4 built using the most modern technical solutions and the best components on the market. From the powerful and rare Mopar LMP V8 6.0L engine with 700 horsepower housed at the rear, to the next-generation Gigglepin high-performance winch through the shocks of the King Shocks. Everything has been designed and positioned to achieve optimal vehicle balance and maximum performance. Read the dedicated article

pier acerni ace racing ultra4 europe king of spain
Pier Acerni (right) and Nicola Bondi



- The chassis, model Podium Rear Engine, was created by the American Jimmy's 4x4 Chassis with 2" tubes in Chromoly 4130


- The engine, positioned at the rear, is a rare 6.0-liter Mopar LMP V8 with 700 horsepower at 7000rpm. The engine management is entrusted to an Efi Euro4 control unit.


- Carbon air filter is entirely designed and manufactured by Acerni Custom Engineering


- Burnt gas exhaust has been developed by Acerni Custom Engineering


- The radiator to cool the engine, in the rear, is a CBR with Spal fans


- The 3-speed automatic transmission is an ATI Performance Products TH400 specially updated by Jimmy's 4x4. It is combined with a CBR radiator


- The gearbox is from the 40-spline TrailWorthyFab Hero.


- The axles are Spidertrax Off-Road ProSeries in chromoly 4130 with Spidertrax 40 spline axle shafts with Yukon Superjoints. Rear spool and front D&G Atom Locker.


- Disc brakes are 355mm Wilwood with 6-piston Wildwood pliers


- Suspension geometry is made with a 4 link; at the rear with Trailing Arms and at the front with Leading Arms. In both cases with uniball QA1 and made in chromoly 4130


- The suspension consists of the combination of King Shocks 2.5" RS coilover and 3.0" RS 5 Tube Bypass for each wheel to which are added 2.0" bump stops


- The Full Hydro hydraulic steering system is of PSC Motorsports with Trophy Truck pump and CBR radiator


- The alloy wheels are of the 17X8.5 Raceline Monster beadlockers with BF Goodrich KM3 Baja Tire 40X13.50 R 17


- The 120-liter fuel tank made by ATL is positioned in front


- The winch is the new GigglepinWinches GP100 with a short drum


- The XPR 40" front led bar is from Vision X as well as the two Solstices positioned next to the winch


- OMP steering wheel


- The seats are PRP as well as safety belts


- All the carbon dashboard was made by Acerni Custom Engineering with AIM MXS Dashboard, Lowrance GPS, PCI intercom and Kenwood UHF radio.



axel burmann offroadterror ultra4 europe king of spain

Driver: Axel Burmann

Co-Driver: Tom Olieslagers

Car: Eurofighter 2 Seat Mid Engine

Race number: #68

Country: Belgium


Axel Burmann has a long history in the off-road world with excellent results in different disciplines. Axel, in 2012, was the first European to participate in the King of the Hammers. Burmann ended the 2018 season by winning the King of Poland.


After racing with several cars, Axel found the perfect rig for him thanks to Offroad Armory that built him a powerful IFS.

axel burman offroadterror ultra4 europe king of spain
Axel Burman



- Builder: Offroad Armoury


- Model: Eurofighter


- Frame: IFS 2 Seat Mid Engine


- Engine: CBM LS3


- Horse power:  630 hp


- Exhaust: Custom Off-Road Armoury


- Gear box: Maximum Transmitions 4L80 Manual shift


- Transfer case: Advaced Adapters Atlas 2 Speed (HD Race Case)


- Radiator: CBR with 16" Fans


- Off Road Armoury IFS with RCV series 30 joints and ARB RD99CE differential locker. The hydraulic steering system is from Howe Trophy Truck.


- Rear axle 4.0 spidertrax Pro-Housing with Gearworks 10" HP


- Brakes: Wilwood


- Shocks absorber: king Shocks coilovers and 5 tube bypass


- Wheels and tires: Raceline 17" with Maxxis 40" Trepators


- Body: Off Road Armoury with all Quarter turn fixings


- Fuel tank: Pyrotect 32 Gallon Rear, Custom ORA 12 Gallon Front


- Light: Baja Designs


- Interior: Corbeau Sprint Backet Seats


- Winch: Gigglepin twin motor Bow 2 Motors and +40% gearing



neville ciancter nusu offroad ultra4 europe king of spain

Driver: Neville Cianter

Co-Driver: Lee Ciantar

Car: Goat Nusu Offroad

Race number: #023

Country: Malta


From Malta, for Neville Cianter only to face the travel to participate in Ultra4 Europe races is a tough challenge. Neville participates in the Ultra4 Europe races since 2013 obtaining excellent results. His greatest satisfaction was to participate in the King of the Hammers with his son as a co-pilot.

neville ciantar nusu offroad ultra4 europe king of spain
Neville (right) and Lee Ciantar



- Builder: Nusu Offroad


- Model: Goat


- Frame: Goatbuilt


- Engine: Rover V8 4.6


- Horse power: 280 hp


- Gear box:  ZF Auto


- Transfer case: LT 230


- Radiator: CBR


 - Suspension: King Offroad Shocks


- Wheels and tires: KMC Wheels with Maxxis Trepadors


- Body:  Goatbuilt


- Light: Brian Lights


- Interior: OMP


- Winch: Warn8274



Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia budaxtreme ultra4 europe king of spain

Driver: Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia

Co-Driver: Jabier Otaegi Aretxabala

Car: Campbell Enterprises & Currie Enterprises

Race number: #51

Country: Spain


From Spain, Inaki Lanzagorta Egia is one of the most determined and eager to win Ultra4 Europe rookies. His palmares is very long and covers all off-road disciplines. In February he participated with his new car in the King of the Hammers. Certainly after this experience he is even more determined to get excellent results in Ultra4 Europe races. Knowing him, for the King of Spain his target is the victory!

Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia budaxtreme ultra4europe king of spain
Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia (right) and Jabier Otaegi Aretxabala



- Builder: Campbell Enterprises & Currie Enterprises


- Model: Campbell front engine


- Frame: Campbell


- Engine: Chevrolet LSX 454


- Horse power and torque: 650 hp and/ 586 ft7lbs


- Gear box: 4L80


- Transfer case: Atlas 2 Race Case


- Radiator: CBR


- Suspension: FOX


- Wheels and tires: KMC and NITTO 40”


- Body: Campbell fiber glass panels


- Light: Baja Design


- Interior: Sparco


- Winch: Gigglepin


Ultra4 Europe 2019 season

After King of Spain, here the Ultra4 Europe 2019 schedule:


- BF Goodrich King of France: Vallèe Bleu


Qualifying - Friday 21st June


Racing - Sat/Sun 22/23rd June



- BF Goodrich King of Britain: Walters Arena


Qualifying - Friday 19th July


Racing - Sat/Sun 20/21st July



- BF Goodrich King of Portugal: Vimioso


Qualifying - Thursday 5th September


Racing - Fri/Sat 6/7th September



- BF Goodrich King of Poland: Olszyna


Qualifying - Thursday 10th October


Racing - Fri/Sat 11/12th October


Ultra4 Europe Kings and Champions



- King of France (FR): Jim Marsden (UK)


- King of Britain (UK): Jesus Pato (E)


- King of Portugal (P): Jorge Araujo (P)


- King of Poland (PL): Axel Burmann (B)


- U4E Champion: Jorge Araujo (P)




- King of France (FR): Bailey Cole (USA)


- King of Wales (UK): Rob Butler (UK)


- King of Portugal (P): Casey Currie (USA)


- King of Britain (UK): Bailey Cole (USA)


- U4E Champion: Jelle Janssens (B)




- King of France (FR): Emmanuel Costa (P)


- King of Italy (IT): Emmanuel Costa (P)


- King of Britain (UK): Jim Marsden (UK)


- King of Portugal (P): Emmanuel Costa (P)


- U4E Champion: Emmanuel Costa (P)




- King of Italy (IT): Rob Butler (UK)


- King of Valleys (UK): Nicolas Montador (FR)


- King of Portugal (P): Emmanuel Costa (P)


- U4E Champion: Filipe Guimareas (P)




- King of the Mountains (IT): Levi Shirley (USA)


- King of Glens (UK): Jim Marsden (UK)


- King of the Valleys (UK): Levi Shirley (USA)


- King of Portugal (P): Levi Shirley (USA)


- U4E Champion: Levi Shirley (USA)




- King of the Valleys (UK): Pier Acerni (IT)


- King of Portugal (P): Emmanuel Costa (P)




- King of the Valleys (UK): Pier Acerni (IT)


ULTRA4 EUROPE:  www.ultra4europe.com

LES COMES 4X4 FESTIVAL: www.lescomes4x4festival.com